Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey interviewed on How She Creates Podcast - Thyme Is Honey

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Yo! Walt and I were on another podcast, and we’d love for you to tune in and give it a listen!

In Episode #325 of How She Creates I sit down with the show’s host, Lauren Hooper, to discuss my creative process, how my desire to live an eco-conscious lifestyle interrupted my plans to launch a planner, how it led me to create a planner that is eco-conscious and sustainable, my morning routine, hydration, and a bit about what I’ve got up my sleeve in the months to come.

You can listen in your browser by visiting the Show Notes, or you search How She Creates in your favorite podcast app to listen and subscribe!

Lauren is a fellow expat who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates. We’ve been internet friends for a couple of years and love following along on her life abroad, wonderful travel adventures, and the new addition of her adorable puppy, Laszlo! Be sure to give her a follow over at @LaurenLikesBlog.


Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey interviewed on How She Creates Podcast

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