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Guys! I was on a podcast! And not just any podcast, I was a guest on Best to the Nest!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Elizabeth Ries from Twin Cities Live. Anyone who has lived within the Minneapolis-St.Paul metro knows Elizabeth’s face AND voice, and I was totally *jaw on floor* when I got her message. Even more so when I found out she had been following me for years and was utilizing The Daily Page! Turns out we are fans of each other.

Last week I sat down with Elizabeth and her co-host Margery Punnett (I’m sure plenty of you will recognize her, as well!) to discuss the day-to-day and how we can bring more intention into our lives with planning. As soon as I got the invite to come on their show I started binging their episodes and I quickly fell in love with their dynamic. It’s so fun to hear two women at very different ages and phases of life tackle different topics. Their show is nearing 1 million downloads after just launched in January (what?!?!) and it’s no wonder! They both bring so much to the table and I finish every episode wanting to hug and fist-pump both of ’em. I hope you’ll feel the same after tuning in to my interview.

There are links below to connect you to various Podcast platforms on your mobile device. You can also click here to open it within your web browser and listen right now. I’m interviewed on their latest episode — number 66 — but highly recommend subscribing to their show and checking out some of their other episodes — I love episode 56 where Elizabeth’s husband joins them to discuss parenting and a happy marriage, or episode 55 where Elizabeth talks about using The Daily Page and the difference it is making in her life.

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I was on a Podcast!

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