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The first eco-conscious, sustainable, minimalist planner that aligns your work + wellness in one place.

Rethink the way you plan with The Daily Page Planner by Thyme is Honey | this eco-conscious planner helps align your work + wellness with a best-selling daily layout that integrates hydration tracking, meal planning, fitness + more.

When I designed The Daily Page nearly a decade ago, I couldn’t have possibly imagined what it would become. Seeing it come to life in a beautiful, spiral-bound planner format has been something that I’ve dreamed of ever since I first tossed that layout onto my blog.

And many of you have dreamed of it, too. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this vision with me, and especially for those of you who have gently prodded me along over the years asking “When’s the planner going to come out?”

The truth is: I always thought I was too late. “Surely,” I thought, “Someone who knows how this works will create a planner like this.” I always had this fear that I’d invest the time and money into it, only to see a big brand or retail chain launch a similar design. But you know what? Ten years have come and gone, and while I’ve seen The Daily Page replicated many times, no one has come close to creating the planner I envisioned.

I guess sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

For the past year, I’ve been working to make this dream come true! I had so much to learn about the process and specifications (thank god for Google and YouTube). I had a wonderful focus group that helped flesh out the original concept and then leaned on my  Facebook Group and Instagram audience to give quick feedback throughout the entire process. The final sample arrived a couple of weeks ago and perhaps a bit to my surprise: it was perfect.


Like a proud mama, I’ve gotta take a few minutes here to tell you more about the planner because this one is different. It is unlike any planner sitting on the shelves at Target (although, I do think it would look pretty good there. Target, are you listening?!) It’s going to challenge what we think of as a traditional planner, and it’s designed with our environment in mind — something that so many mass-produced paper products can’t say. There were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish with the design and I’m happy to say that there wasn’t a single thing I had to compromise on. Some of my favorite things about the planner are that it:

  • aligns both your work and wellness, with a design that tracks all aspects of your life in one place.
  • is eco-conscious, with a cover and interior pages that are 100% recyclable.
  • helps you do good, by planting one tree for every planner purchased.
  • has a reduced carbon footprint, all the packing material is 100% reused and recycled.
  • is clean and simple, with a minimalist, gender-neutral design that is free from swirly fonts and clipart.
  • has plenty of space: with double-page calendar spreads and The Daily Page for each date!
  • has an increased margin: to help both left and right-handed people write easily on both sides of the page.
  • comes with optional, ongoing support: join the facebook group, listen to the podcast, follow along on Instagram, get the newsletter, read my blog posts. I’m here to make sure that The Daily Page Planner is working for you! 

But it wasn’t all easy sailing! One challenge I faced with the planner was avoiding bulk. The point of the planner is obviously The Daily Page and having a full page for each day. But, that meant a minimum of 365 pages and although I tested many variations, there was no option that didn’t include drastically reducing the paper quality in order to make the planner thinner and lighter. Paper quality is something I really value in a planner, so this wasn’t the answer.

I went back to the drawing board and spent a lot of time thinking about planners and calendars, and how we set goals and manage our time. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the idea of the 12-month planner is not only somewhat arbitrary, it’s also outdated (like literally this idea dates back to Julius Caesar). Very few things in our lives actually exist within a January-December timeline and I kept finding myself wondering: do we really do ourselves any favors when we put so much emphasis on January as the universal start date and December as the finish line? Or on 12-month timelines altogether? What if we stopped thinking this way? What if a planner could start and finish any time you wanted? What if we focused on a smaller, more manageable timeline?

The Daily Page Planner by Thyme is Honey: organize your work and wellness all in one place!

And so I decided to create a dateless 6-month planner, and there are so many reasons why I love this idea. First, it keeps the planner sleek while allowing for high-quality paper. Second, it makes the planner evergreen by removing dates and allowing you to customize the period and layout, resulting in less waste for our environment. Third, it gives us this more modern, approachable timeline that motivates me to really jump in and start utilizing everything the planner offers. Think of all the things you can do in just 6 months! You can completely transform your health. You can abandon bad habits and develop better ones. You can dream up, develop, and launch a new product. You can start your own business. You can finally tackle those long to-do lists you’ve been putting off for years.

And The Daily Page Planner is the tool that will help you do it.

Friends, I could go on and on about The Daily Page Planner. I am truly so excited about seeing this come to fruition and about starting 2020 off with so many of you. There’s no question that this product works — I’ve sold over 25,000 copies of The Daily Page to date.  And I have no doubt that this new, spiral-bound planner format will only amplify its usability and impact. I’m dedicating the next year to cultivating the community around The Daily Page Planner to continue providing accountability and support for everyone who uses it. I can’t wait to tell you more about what this vision entails.

The Daily Page Planner by Thyme is Honey: organize your work and wellness all in one place!

You can purchase The Daily Page Planner over on Etsy, and you can take 10% off with code HONEY at checkout. You can also make sure you’re following @Thyme_is_Honey and the @DailyPagePlanner on Instagram for even more behind the scenes footage.


Rethink the way you plan with The Daily Page Planner by Thyme is Honey | this eco-conscious planner helps align your work + wellness with a best-selling daily layout that integrates hydration tracking, meal planning, fitness + more.

The Daily Page Planner

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