"Hope is a form of planning." - Gloria Steinem

I heard this quote in a podcast a while back and it stuck with me. But, I kept finding myself thinking, “Surely she mixed up her words. She must have meant ‘Planning is a form of hope.'”

I googled it, and this is a line that Gloria Steinem has said many times — so she wasn’t mixing up her words. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it makes great sense either way.

When you have hope for something, you are starting that process of planning for it. Whether you are planning your next big project. Planning to start a family. Or planning to change something about your life.

And when we start to tangibly make those plans — through brainstorming, or to-do lists, or writing a business plan — we are also actively carrying out those feelings of hope.

I realized that this connection between hope and planning is part of what I love so much about my daily planning rituals and everything I love about The Daily Page. Filling out each section identifies what my hopes are in that aspect of my life: from what I want to accomplish that day, the foods I want to nourish my body with, the people I want to see, books I want to read, or activities I want to enjoy. It’s one big page of hopes and dreams.

Keep hoping. Keep planning. I see you.

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Keep Hoping

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