Plan Podcast Episode 024: Planning to Move Abroad

Selling the 2200 square foot home we had lived in for over 5 years was a huge decision, but one we hoped might eventually lead to experiencing life abroad. Now, after a year in Denmark, I’m reflecting back on the journey that got us here, what we’ve learned, and my tips for others who hope to make a similar move.

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Plan Podcast Episode 024: Planning to Move Abroad

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  1. Holly says:

    Enjoyed learning about your very intentional process of moving abroad. I lived and worked abroad in Africa 8+ years total (three different stints, 3 different countries) with a faith based peace, relief and development organization, which came with a lot of support somewhat comparable to your experience. I have also travelled quite a bit but there’s nothing comparable to living in a place. –Denmark, wow! I wonder what you are thinking now in terms of a possible next move. The Bahamas sounds great too.

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