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Plan Podcast Episode 017: Being Multi-Passionate with Marla Bergh | ūüźĚ Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

This week I’m sharing my first guest interview! Meet my friend Marla Bergh: passionate creative, professional connection builder, motivator, and *triple* business owner! Marla and I have always connected over our multi-passionate personalities and it was a lot of fun to hear about her journey to entrepreneurialism and how she gets it all done while also wife’ing and mom’ing. She’s got several nuggets of wisdom to share with you in this episode, so tune in!

You can find Marla at:

Her Personal Instagram: @MBergh78
Foodcourt Agency on Instagram: @foodcourtagency
Borrowed Bar on Instagram: @borrowedbar
Marla Bergh Photography on Instagram: @mberghphoto

This was a bit of a test run and I had a bit of trouble with my connection fluttering slightly. Thankfully Marla did most of the talking, but I apologize for the less than pristine audio in this episode. I got the problem fixed!

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Plan Podcast Episode 017: Planning with Marla Bergh

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