The 9 Main Areas within Instagram: Social Media Training for Small Business by Thyme is Honey

There are dozens of separate little universes that exist within Instagram. While that may seem overwhelming it is also one of the reasons why Instagram is a great place for small businesses to invest their time and money. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in all of these areas in order to use Instagram effectively for your business, and in this tutorial I will introduce you to the 9 Main Areas within Instagram that I think are the most important for small business owners to be familiar with, and how to access them within the app.

The worksheet for this tutorial has a diagram that identifies where you can access each area, which might be a nice cheat sheet to have on hand as you familiarize yourself with the interface.

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These are the 9 areas you’ll be introduced to in this tutorial:

Feed – displays posts from people you follow.

Profile – where your info and grid are displayed.

Messenger – a chat feature within Instagram.

Story – 15-second content that has a 24-hour lifespan.

Notifications – alerts of interactions with your content.

Explore – search for content + view suggested content.

Saved – Ability to save and organize your favorite content.

Insights – Analytics to measure your content and engagement.

IGTV – 1 to 60-minute videos that are permanent.


002: The 9 Main Areas within Instagram

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