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Creating a 12 Tile Tactic for Instagram: Social Media Training for Small Business by Thyme is Honey

If you feel like you never have anything to share or say on social media, then this one’s for you! The 12 Tile Tactic is a simple method for developing your brand story on social media, ensuring that you are always keeping relevant information visible to your fans while continuing to share valuable content. In this tutorial, I’m introducing you to the 12 Tile Tactic, which is one of my favorite methods for helping small business owners utilize this powerful app. It will help you determine what types of content you should share to your account, and how to maintain a healthy balance of business/personal, and selling/value.

The worksheet for this tutorial will help you select the themes for developing a custom 12 Tile Tactic for your business, along with a template that can help you start planning it.

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Tips for developing your 12 Tile Tactic for Instagram:

  • Look through your Instagram Account or Camera Roll and make a list of the type of content you tend to capture the most often (food, your dog, mirror selfies, sunsets etc).
  • Ask a friend (or your audience!) to list things that they associate with you/your business (or both).
  • Pay attention to where these two lists overlap. Those are going to be easy “tiles” for you (people already associate this content with you, and you seem to be capturing/creating it already).
  • Consider the goal of your Instagram Account and the type of content that will help you achieve that goal.
  • Think about your ideal customer or client and how you can reach them through the content you share (are they also going to be looking at posts about motherhood, running, dogs, where will you find them on Instagram?).
  • Consider recurring content that might work for you (quotes, recipes, regramming user-generated content, participating in a weekly hashtag or feature, holidays, etc).
  • Look at the accounts of your competition, industry leaders, or accounts with similar content to you. Pay attention to what they are posting, which posts are getting the most likes/comments, and any features they participate in.
  • Pay attention to the posts that grab YOUR attention when you’re browsing Instagram. Would something similar work for your account?



005: Creating a 12 Tile Tactic for Instagram

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