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Plan Podcast Episode 014: Planning to Beat Digital Overwhelm | by Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

Constantly checking your phone? Feel like you have a 3-second attention span? Suffering from a neverending case of FOMO? Then today’s episode of the Plan Podcast is for you.

I’m sharing my insight as someone who works in the social media industry, how the long hours of consuming content have impacted me personally, and the coping methods I’ve enlisted to help manage it. The four areas I focus on are:

  1. Identifying manipulation of your emotions by brands or accounts you follow (taking advantage of FOMO, sef-doubt etc)
  2. Monitoring and limiting my usage (using the iPhones built-in software to set limits and timers)
  3. Curating and controlling the content I see and how or when I see it
  4. Having tech-free hobbies, especially ones that occupy both your brain and hands (we love biking, rock climbing, board games, puzzles, and I recently started ukulele lessons).

These are the steps for accessing App Usage and App Limits on the iPhone: unlock your phone > tap on your Settings App (gray with gear) > Tap on App Usage (a purple icon usually about 10 from the top of this list). This will show you your usage and how the time on your phone is split up across apps. To set limits simply click on “App Limits” within this menu.

These are the steps for muting someone on Instagram Mobile (keeps your friendship intact but keeps their posts/content from showing up in your feed and/or Story): Open the Instagram App> Search for the person’s handle to go to their profile > click on the three small dots in the upper right corner > Click on the red text that says MUTE. You’ll then get a menu that allows you to choose Mute Feed or Mute Story. You can select one or the other. Follow these same steps to undo this.

These are the steps for unfollowing someone on Facebook Mobile (keeps your friendship intact but reduces or removes their posts from your feed): Log into Facebook > Search the person’s name and go to their profile > Below their photo you’ll see 4 icons. The second from the left controls their priority. If it’s a Star it means you see all their posts, prioritized. If it’s a blue file folder it means you see their posts in a default style (no priority). If it’s gray it means you are not following this person. You can tap the icon to select which of those three levels you prefer. Unfollowing will keep their posts out of your feed.


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Recommended reading: Understanding Phone Addiction

Digital overwhelm or compulsive device use can be signs of Technology Addiction. Find additional support at: Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous

Thanks again for tuning in to the Plan Podcast! Find our complete episode archive right here.




Plan Podcast Episode 014: Planning to Beat Digital Overwhelm

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