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Low-toxic living (or “Low-tox”) is the practice of decreasing your exposure to the toxic ingredients that are lurking in your personal care products. Today we’re talking about why you should care about this, and laying out a simple 4-phase plan to clean to up your routine.

Phase 1 – Swap out the “big 4”! Which are the 4 products that you have the most exposure to. For most women, these are deodorant, body lotion, foundation, and mascara.

Phase 2 – Continue swapping out products in your makeup and skincare routine. Striving towards a routine that is at least 80% non-toxic.

Phase 3 – Assess your hair care and body care products (shampoo, body wash, nail polish etc), and continue choosing brands with healthier ingredients.

Phase 4 – Assess products that are used internally (toothpaste, mouthwash, tampons, condoms etc). 

See below for a link to my recent blog post, featuring all the products I’ve switched to in my makeup, skincare, and haircare routines.

Resource: “My Low-Toxic Routine + Favorite Products” (click here for the full list of products I use and where to buy them).

Resource: The Skin Deep Database by the Environmental Working Group (website for checking the safety of your products).

Resource: Think Dirty App (easy to use app for looking up products and checking their safety or toxicity).

Recommended listening: Goop Podcast ‘How to Avoid Chemicals that Disrupt Hormones

Recommended reading: “The Green Beauty Rules” by Paige Padgett (can be purchased for in digital or paperback. One of my favorite resources for clean beauty.)

Recommended reading: Scientific American ‘Tests Find More than 200 Chemicals in Umbilical Cord Blood

Recommended reading: EWG ‘Toxic Chemicals Plummet in Teens after Switching to Safer Cosmetics

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