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January 2019 Wallpapers by Thyme is Honey

There are two things that make me absolutely *heart eyes* happy: 1. A fresh piece of beautiful, high-quality paper and 2. A clean, organized computer desktop. Can I get an amen?

Keeping my computer organized was something I used to actually struggle with a lot. I work fast, and am always multi-tasking, and that often resulted in abandoning my files on my desktop, instead of organizing them into the folders that they belonged it. It always bothered me, but once I started having important files go MIA I knew I had to create a system and process for keeping my computer organized. Happy to say that I am getting much better and keeping my digital files organized!

Something that motivates me to keep my comptuer clean and organized is having a beautiful but simple wallpaper, and I love one with a calendar so that I can glance at dates (it also motivates me to keep from covering it up with rogue files).

I created a phone and computer wallpaper for reach month of the year for 2019! Each monthly design features a unique handmade paper background along with a coordinating calendar for the month ahead.

You can go ahead and grab all 24 designs via the link below, or make sure you’re on my mailing list if you’d like the designs sent directly to your inbox at the start of each month. Happy organizing!


         Free 2019 Phone and Computer Wallpapers Handmade Paper with Calendar | by Thyme is Honey

2019 Phone + Computer Wallpapers – January

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