Plan Podcast Episode 008: Planning to Downsize | Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter but having a hard time knowing where to start with downsizing? In today’s episode, I’m teaching you everything I learned when we reduced our possessions by more than 80% and went from 2200 square feet to 725.

This episode outlines my favorite tips for preparing, sorting, and making the decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. Here’s a brief outline:

When it comes to preparation:
Get a calendar and set clear goals for what you want to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. (Get my Free Blank  Printable Calendars here)
Look into the best places to donate certain types of items to make it easier to part with them.
Research online sales groups and the best websites for selling things in your area.
Consider having a moving sale and decide on a potential date.

When it comes to actually sorting through stuff:
Avoid looking at the big picture. Take things one closet, one day, or one week at a time.
Create a “Supply Basket” and keep it on hand.
Create designated spaces in your home for each category that a given item could fall into.

When it comes to making decisions:
When it comes to houseware items think about functionality.
When it comes to decor think about joy.
When it comes to clothing, think about quality over quantity and use the GPA method to curate a great wardrobe.
When it comes to sentimental things, set boundaries.

Head to the full episode to hear more about our experience, and for more details on each tip. If you are planning to downsize and move I also have two blog posts that might offer additional support:

Our Tips for Low-Stress Downsizing, Packing, and Moving

Thoughts on Downsizing and Relocation: One Year Later 

Remember that we’re on break for the holidays, and will have a new episode for you on January 10th, 2019! Happy Holidays!






Plan Podcast Episode 008: Planning to Downsize

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