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Plan Podcast Episode 007: Ask Dani Anything | Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

In Episode 007 I’m answering questions submitted by listeners! We’re talking about everything from my favorite books, to different types of quinoa, and how I knew that Josh was “the one”. Here’s a list of the questions I answer in today’s episode:

Multiple people asked: what are your favorite fiction and nonfiction books?
Sarah on IG: What are your favorite shows on Netflix?
Kya on IG: How do you find your news and how do you stay informed on current issues?
Jennifer via FB: Any tips for people who are great at planning, but horrible at implementing those plans?
Kate via FB: How do you live such an intentional life?
Meg on IG: How do you stay motivated?
Allison via IG: How do you store and organize your photos?
Lynn: Any tips for becoming a morning person?
Allison via IG: How do you meal prep and store food?
Victoria on IG: What’s the difference between different colors of quinoa?
Taryn on IG: How do you prioritize tasks and not get distracted by shiny things?
Olivia via IG: What are your tips for working from home, and overcoming cabin fever?
Scott on IG: What do you do when you’re faced with writer’s block?
Emilia via IG: How did you start your business and how did you move it abroad?
Evelyn on IG: I love your style. Have you thought about doing more style/fashion on your blog or Insta?
Samantha on IG: Do you have any tips for wedding planning?
Delight on IG: How do you know when someone is “The One”?
Mandy via IG: What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

Here are some of the resources mentioned in today’s episode:

My favorite non-fiction books: Being Mortal, Dorito Effect, Contagious, The 5 Love Languages

My favorite fiction books: Pillars of the Earth, DaVinci Code, The Martian, Harry Potter Series, Room, Sharp Objects, The Girl on the Train

The 10 Books that Changed My Life

View all my Book Roundups by Clicking Here

View my lists of Things to Watch by clicking Here

Here’s my Twitter List that I have curated for US Political news and opinions: Political Voices

I use SocialPS for Printing my Favorite Photos

I talked about Wedding Planning, Wedding Rings + More in this Old Instagram Post

Thanks again for tuning in to the Plan Podcast! Find our complete episode archive right here.

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PLAN PODCAST INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/PlanPodcast

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Plan Podcast Episode 007: A Q+A with Dani

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