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Plan Podcast Episode 006: How I Plan and Organize My Day | Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

Did you know that we are 40% more likely to complete a task if we write it down? It’s part of the reason that I believe in paper planning, but convincing other people, especially business owners, that a paper planner can work for them in this digital age is not always easy.

In today’s episode, I am taking you behind the scenes to show you how I use The Daily Page to keep my life and business organized and tell you about the two digital services I use in conjunction with paper planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly. On a daily basis I rely on:

Google Calendar – to keep track of events + meetings, both personal and business related.
Wunderlist – to track big picture projects as well as task management (Please note: Wunderlist is now called To-Do after being acquired by Microsoft).

I use these two services alongside The Daily Page, and this system works really well for me as far as organizing my work and staying productive. If you want to hear more about how these systems work, and how I use them in my workflow, check out the podcast episode. You can listen via the widget above, or find us on all your favorite podcast services, such as Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play Music.

If you’re interested in trying out The Daily Page, you can use code POD2018 at checkout to get 25% off your entire purchase through December 15th! Click this link to shop and the discount will be automatically be applied to your cart.

If you’re curious about what other programs I use for accounting, invoicing, proofreading + more, catch the end of the episode where I link some of these other services that I find useful. Links to these services are below:

Freshbooks – I use this service for accounting, time tracking (for my entire team), invoicing + more. Use the link for 1 free month.
Grammarly – I use Grammarly for proofreading, and also find their weekly recap emails to be super motivating.
Slack – For improved team communication (kind of replaces email, texting, online chat).
Planoly – For organizing and scheduling your Instagram content (I use this for my client’s accounts).  Just be wary of automatic posting (I have a blog post about it here).
DropBox – For storing and sharing files. I find that it works well across all platforms and devices since my client’s and myself have various (windows, MAC, iOS, Android etc). Sign up using that link and you’ll get 32 GB of free storage.
Canva – I forgot to talk about this in the Podcast episode because I talked about it in Episode 004, but I use this for creating graphics and templates, especially for social media.




Plan Podcast Episode 006: How I Plan and Organize My Day

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