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Perfect Gifts for Planners and Organizers: the best pens, markers, storage cases + other accessories for your organized friends | by Thyme is Honey

My very organized and type-A personality has taken me on quite the journey the past 8 years. From designing The Daily Page and other products for my Etsy Shop to launching the Plan Podcast! My love for a good list, a great pen, and an organized day have become a central part of both my brand and my life, and today I wanted to share some of the best products I have found for planners and organizers.

The items below are listed as they appear in the graphic above, starting in the top left and working down.

Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Pen Set ($16.99) – These are the most gorgeous set of highlights. Instead of neon, they have a range of gorgeous pastels and light jewel tones.

Thin Washi Tape Set (23 color12.99) – I love using thin washi tape on planning pages and calendars to mark of vacations, color-code projects + more.

Helix Folding Ruler ($5) – This compact little ruler is great for packing up and taking on the go.

Tombow Eraser Pen ($6.00) – If you write in pencil this super-fine eraser pen is great for cleaning up lines in tight spaces.

Uni Pin Drawing Pens ($11.19) – My favorite basic black pens. This set has 5 pens in different sizes, with ink that is water proof and archival quality.

Paper flags ($6.49) – I love these colorful, semi-transparent, thin flags. You can use them to highlight specific text or pages in a book. This set includes over 800 flags.

The Daily Page Notepad ($15.00-$55.00) – The Daily Page notepad helps you organize your entire day on one page, with a clean, minimalist design that you can spice up with your favorite pens and highlighters. Track your top 3 goals, to-do list, events, water consumption, meal planning, wellness + more.

Paper Mate Flair Pens ($18.92) – One of my favorite basic pens.

ExcelFu Mechanical Pencil Set ($13.99) – If you’re a pencil person these are the pencils to have. This set comes with 5 pencils and two sizes of led.

Collection of 40-rolls ofWashi Tape ($10.99) – I have this set of washi tape and love that the tape is a bit on the thinner side, and that the rolls are small and easy to travel with.

Micro Correction Pen – All planners need this! It’s great when you make a mistake in your planner or calendar.

Supply Travel Case ($9.99) – This case is amazing for taking your journal or planner supplies on-the-go.

FriXion Erasable Marker Pens (22.34) – Yes, you read that correctly. Erasable markers! These are great for obvious reasons (erasing!) but I also love that some shades have a semi-transparent ink that doubles as a highlighter.


Acrylic Storage Cubes ($12.99) – These are awesome for storing washi tape, your favorite pens/markers, or other supplies.

Pen Caddy ($6.99) – I’m so obsessed with my pen collection that my favorite way to store it is definitely to have them all out and on display! I love these plastic pen caddy’s, but also think these wooden ones are fabulous.

Ultimate Pen and Marker Case ($10.99) – This is another great travel case if you’re the type of person who likes to tote around 72 pens =)


Gift Guide for Planners + Organizers

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