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Plan Podcast Episode 003: Plan to Drink More Water | Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

Do you drink enough water? The odds are, probably not. More than 75% of the American population is living life chronically dehydrated, and I know all too well what that is like, because I used to be in that boat.

In Episode 003 of The Plan Podcast I’m telling you about what finally got me to start drinking water, giving you my 10 tips for staying hydrated, and helping you create a plan to start increasing your intake.

Ready to get hydrated? Tune in to this episode for all of my tips, then make sure you’re a member of my private Facebook Community The Thyme is Honey Hive. We’ll be congregating there November 12-15th to follow my 4-Day Water Plan and encourage each other to get those ounces! Everyone who participates in the 4-day challenge will receive my Weekly Water Tracker for free.

Here are a few of my favorite water products that I mentioned in this episode:

Bubba Water Tumbler  $9.99 – Guys, I’ve tried out a ton of bottles/Tumblers/Cups over the past 8 years and this is my all-time favorite. I always break the glass ones, and have a real fear of knocking my teeth out with glass/metal straws. This one has an aluminum base with BPA free plastic lid and oversized straw (gets more water in your mouth, faster).
Nomander Collapsible Water Bottle  $24.95 – These are pretty awesome for taking water with you on-the-go, and then being able to collapse it and not haul around an empty bottle. I love it for running errands or traveling.
SOMA Water Pitcher  $30 – I talked about this in the episode. I love mine so much that when we moved to Europe I literally brought it on the airplane with me (Don’t worry, TSA, it was empty). I couldn’t imagine life without it and was determined to bring it despite our space restrictions.
Infusing Pitcher  – $20
Infusing Water Bottle – $20
SOMA Tea and Coffee Brew Bottle  $39 – I don’t have this SOMA bottle, but saw it on the internet when I was prepping this post and now I want one real bad. I love iced herbal teas and this looks A+.

Here are some of my past blog posts about water, some of which were mentioned in the blog post:

How to Drink More Water
How to Increase Your Water Intake in 4 Days
Free Water Wallpaper for your Phone + Computer (it helps you remember to hydrate!)




Plan Podcast Episode 003: Plan to Drink More Water

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