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Excuse the abundance of fashionable referrals lately, but I had a back-log of recommendations and now that the international relocation is over I have finally found the time to write these posts.

Most of you are probably familiar with Rent the Runway. The service makes it easy for you to rent a beautiful, designer gown for a wedding or big event. Who doesn’t want pay just $30 to wear a $200 (or $1800) dress to a friend’s wedding? Beats the heck out of spending $100 on a dress you’ll only wear once. But did you know that they also have a monthly unlimited plan that allows you to borrow 3 pieces at a time? And that includes the fancy gowns, but also designer handbags, beautiful jackets, and outfits perfect for just about any occasion.

Here are the types of plans they offer and what they cost per month. Want to get an additional $30 off the reduced prices below? Click here for my $30 code. You can use the code for renting one piece for an upcoming event, or trying out one of the unlimited plans for a month!

Rent the Runway Plans + Discount

When we sold our house back in April of 2017 I reduced my closet by about 70%. Since we knew another move was in our future, I tried not to add to my closet over the past year. Rent the Runway helped me avoid the urge to shop by providing me with an endless closet at my fingertips so that I could get the perfect outfit for any occasion. I used it a lot for work events, vacations, and weddings.


When we went down to Texas last fall I got this fun jumpsuit from Rent the Runway. The bandana print was perfectly themed, and the backless design was great for the Texas heat!


I rented this complete outfit (jumpsuit, coat, and purse) for Josh’s holiday work party and absolutely loved it. The jumpsuit was supposed to be cropped, but the length was perfect for my short legs.

At $150 per month for the unlimited plan, it can be a bit steep depending on your budget and what you typically spend on clothes. However, there are some major benefits to doing a rental program, such as:

  1. They offer maternity clothes! Not something I benefited from. But if I was pregnant I would be very into this. Not only would it be great to rent the perfect maternity dress for a wedding or event, but also a nice way to transition during the different stages, rather than buying new pieces that you won’t be able to wear for long.
  2. Post-partum pick-me-up, anyone? Not only are the maternity clothes a great service for women, but being able to rent pieces in varying sizes as your body transitions back is a great use of the membership. I think its also a nice way for new moms to feel good about themselves. I’d venture to say that a membership would make an amazing gift for a mom-to-be or new mom.
  3. Get yourself through those winter blues. I loved renting beautiful winter coats, and always having a new one to wear made me enjoy winter just a little bit more.
  4. No-fuss event attire. My best friend got married in December, which meant that in the months leading up to the big day I had plenty of events which I would have normally bought a new outfit for (bachelorette party, wedding shower, rehearsal etc.) Using my monthly membership to just cover one of these per month made the cost totally worth it.
  5. Perfectly suited business lady. Since I work from home I don’t tend to have a ton of office-appropriate attire. When I was traveling for work I loved grabbing a couple great suits or dresses and a nice bag that fit my computer.
  6. Money-saving Maid. Are you in a wedding? I don’t know about you, but I dropped over $600 on my last bridesmaid’s dress. That’s 4 monthly RTR payments. If the bride-to-be allows you to select your own dress, try a monthly unlimited membership, order 4 and strut your stuff. You’ll probably get to wear a super high-quality couture gown for a fraction of the price — plus, no dry cleaning!

Those are just a few examples of reasons why I loved using Rent the Runway, and I’m already missing the service now that we’ve moved internationally. I thought it might be fun to also share a few of the pieces I rented over the past year and loved:

  1. Brown Allan Black Long Coat – Pictured above in photo 1. loved this one so much that I bought it, and so glad I did! (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  2. Derek Lam Scribble Print Midi Dress – This “midi” dress was  a perfect “maxi” length on my 5’2″ frame. I took it on a work trip to Santa Fe. (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  3. Slate & Willow Amanda Jumpsuit – Pictured above in photo 3. I wore this to my husband’s holiday party and loved it. (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  4. Wish Arosa Coat – Pictured Above in photo 3. This coat was really comfortable and professional looking. (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  5. Kendall + Kylie Bandana Jumpsuit – Pictured above in photo 2. This was a really fun piece to wear while were on vacation. (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  6. Tory Burch Black Tote – My favorite thing to rent were handbags, or tote bags for work trips! This was one of my absolute favorites, and I kind of regret now buying it. It fit my computer and iPad pro perfectly for travel. (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  7. Slate & Willow Open Back Dress– I wore this dress to my best friend’s rehearsal dinner. The red and gold was perfect for her December wedding and the open back was so pretty. (Get $30 off a rental or membership by clicking here).
  8. Theory Green Glairene Coat – This was probably one of the best jackets I’ve ever worn. It’s just one layer of wool, and has an open front, so its perfect for a midwest fall or mild winter.

Don’t forget to get $30 off your Rent the Runway rental or membership by using my discount link!

Why I Love Rent the Runway

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