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Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Before and After | Thyme is Honey

I think it’s fair to say that most of us dream of having lashes that are naturally long and pretty. It’s made evident by the things we’re willing to do to get them, even if that means slapping some toxic adhesive onto our lashline to attach a strip of falsies, plucking a cute little mink, or manipulating our monthly budget so that we can afford $100 fills for lash extensions (done all of it).

I’ve had a lot of luck over the past couple of years with lash serums, but none of them have given me the “Wow is this actually happening?!” results that I’ve gotten from the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost. I’ve been using it very consistently over the past 8 weeks and I am literally so happy with the results. My lashes feel so long and feathery that I’ve had to start scolding myself when I mindlessly touch them.

Here is a photo of my lashes on May 1 (top) and on July 1 (bottom). I can see a lot of difference not only in added length but my lashes also look thicker and healthier. The real magic happens when mascara in inolved, though.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Before and After | Thyme is Honey

Just a few millimeters of growth in your lashes is really noticeable and makes a huge difference, and although I think the photos definitely show the growth, it can be hard to see. That’s why I made a video! I love the way my lashes look with a coat of mascara on them, and cannot believe that these results were after only 8 weeks with the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost . Also, on a funny side note: when I started using the serum 8 weeks ago I also started putting it on the inner part of my left eyebrow each night, because hair there was sparse and I wanted it to fill in. I wasn’t monitoring it super closely and then when I took these videos/photos I realized how LONG my brow hairs had gotten on my left brow and how ridiculous it looked compared to the right brow! lol! Now I’ve been applying it to both brows and hoping they even out. Proof that it works and that it adds length and entirely new hair, though, you can definitely see the long brow hairs in the video!

I took this Boomerang clip on July 10. Then today I had a photo in my Instagram Story and people kept commenting on my lashes, so I grabbed a screenshot (sorry for the awkward face, I was mid-sentence) and I’m surprised to see that it looks like they’ve gotten even longer in the past week. What?! Crazy. And you can really see what I was talking about with the left eyebrow getting out of control after using the serum on it.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Before and After | Thyme is Honey

The Lash Boost uses keratin and biotin to help your lashes grow. The single tube is pricey, coming in at a whopping $150 (preferred customers get 10% off), but it seems like it would last a really long time. Even with almost 10 weeks of daily use, my tube seems like it’s still mostly full and I expect that it will last me at least another 3 months, if not longer (I’ll update this post when it runs out).

Update: Popping back with a 10-week update! My lashes have gotten even longer. I think I’m about to the point where I’ll start using it 2-3 times per week to help maintain them but slow the growth on the length a bit, as they are getting a little ridiculous. For the past few weeks, I’ve also been putting the serum on my right eyebrow, and am happy to report that I’ve got NEW GROWTH growing in so that brow can match the other one (thank god). So excited to see that come together. I still have plenty of product in my first tube, but ordered a second tube which my mom is bringing to Denmark with her this week (the only way I can get it internationally) so that I don’t run out! Loving the results!

Dani Lashes 10 Weeks

I’m hoping I’ll see even more incredible growth over the next couple months, and if so, I’ll add updated images.  If you have questions about the product or Rodan & Fields, you can reach out to my friend Sara, via this link or email her at snethercut@gmail.com.

Sara Nethercut Peterson Rodan + Fields

Here are just a couple of my tips for getting great results with lash serum:

Consistency is key. This is true with all lash serums. You need to use it daily, especially in the beginning. I’ve been really consistent, using it about at least 5 or 6 nights a week and always taking it with when we travel. Try to commit to using it daily for 4 or 8 weeks and doing before and after photos for yourself. Once you get the growth you want you can just use it for maintenance (1-2 times per week).
Put it on right before bed. I keep mine right next to my toothbrush and put it on right before I go to sleep (after we’ve already relaxed, watched TV etc).
Let it dry. Close your eyes and fan your lids for 10-20 seconds after you apply it so that it dries along your lashline and stays where you want/need it.
Wash it off in the morning. I try to get up and rinse my eyes as soon as I wake up. I find that if I start rubbing my eyes or go work out before washing it off, that it can cause some slight itching, which I’ve experienced with every lash serum.
Support your lash growth by using an all-natural, non-toxic mascara. I use the Expressionist Mascara from W3LL PEOPLE. It’s available at Whole Foods and Target, and is formulated with castor seed oil and sunflower seed oil so that it hydrates your lashes instead of drying them out!

This post is not sponsored and I was not paid for my opinion. Sara sent me a tube of Lash Boost to try out, but I didn’t promise her any coverage unless the product worked (and also warned her of potential negative coverage if it didn’t work ;-). When this tube runs out I definitely plan to purchase a second one! 

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review - 8 Week Before and After | Thyme is Hoeny

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review Before and After

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