Travel Guide for Prague, Czech Republic

We spent the long memorial day weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s so nice living in Europe and being able to explore a new country on a 3-day weekend. Not only are the flights cheap (anywhere from $20-150), but you can get most places with a 90 minute flight and you get to explore without any jet lag! The good news, though, is that Prague tends to be a pretty affordable trip no matter where you’re coming from, and the dollar is strong there. Coming from Copenhagen, one of the most expensive cities in the world, the trip felt very affordable and we really enjoyed those $3 beers.  Below are our 5 travel tips for Prague, Czech Republic.

5 Tips for Traveling in Prague Czech Republic - Visit Beer Gardens
1. Do a walking tour of Prague’s Beer Gardens. One of our favorite ways to see a city is by walking. We’ll walk anywhere from 4-8 miles a day while traveling. We recommend starting your day off with coffee and avocado toast at The Coffee Room and then planning stops at 2-3 beer gardens that interest you. There are plenty to choose from, but our favorite was U Kunštátů, which we went to twice for the Wild Boar Sausage and Erddeer’s Strawberry Porter (so good!). If all the beer drinking puts you in the mood for an afternoon nap, find a local park to relax in (most of them also have beer gardens). Parks are a great place to observe local life and culture, and if you’re lucky (like we were) there might also be a festival with some live music.

5 Tips for Traveling in Prague Czech Republic - Traditional Czech Food

2. Try some traditional Czech Foods. Everyone told us that we had to try a Trdelnik, and although we heard that they are actually more of a “tourist thing” than a “Czech thing” we couldn’t turn down the ice-cream filled pastry. It was worth it! We also really liked Svíčková (Czech dumplings) and tried them at a few spots. You’ll find it on the menu at most local restaurants. Another fun one to try is pork knuckle. You’ll find large stalls selling various smoked meats in the city square. Pork knuckle to-go, a loaf of bread and some mustard makes an easy (and cheap) lunch on the go while in Prague. Take it to a park and enjoy!

5 Tips for Traveling in Prague Czech Republic - Hike to Prague Castle

3. Hike to Prague Castle. If you’re feeling up for some cardio, set off on the walk up to Prague Castle. It’s steep, but doable for anyone, especially with a beer stop (or three) along the way. The trip is worth it for the hilly, cozy neighborhood that surrounds the castle, the views from the top, and some of the iconic stops you can make along the way such as the Prague Castle Steps and John Lennon Wall.

5 Tips for Traveling in Prague Czech Republic - Dinner with a View

4. Get dinner with a view. While most people are trying to get dinner on the waterfront in Prague, or something with a view of the Charles Bridge, an even better experience is to find a restaurant up on the hills, secure a reservation for sunset, and enjoy the view! We actually stumbled upon Bellavista one evening and were able to get a seat. The scenery was incredible (view at top of post is also from there) and it seemed somewhat quaint and perhaps more popular with travelers than tourists.

5 Tips for Traveling in Prague Czech Republic - Enjoy the Waterfront

5. Enjoy the waterfront. When in Prague! Plan one evening for walking along the Charles Bridge, taking in the street performers and amazing views (and crowds). If you’re able to plan ahead, get a dinner reservation at one of the many waterfront boat restaurants. A reservation will help ensure a spot along the water with a great view. Afterwards, walk around the winding streets on the east side of the river, where you’ll find cozy cocktails bars like Hemingway Bar. We cozied up there after dinner and saw Michael Shannon walk in, which was a pretty cool way to end our trip!

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Travel Guide: Prague, Czech Republic

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