I'm still obsessed with Rothy's one year after trying them out! The absolute best shoes I've ever owned.

The internet recently reminded me that it had been about a year since I ordered my first pair of Rothy’s. I can still remember seeing that ad in my Facebook feed (so sneaky) for the millionth time (so smart) and finally caving in and ordering a pair. I appreciate a nice pair of shoes, but at $145 for a simple ballet flat, it seemed kind of steep. However, I was impressed with their return policy (free returns within 30 days) and was desperate for shoes that both looked nice and could endure my new city life — where I was walking and biking everywhere.

Well, that was then and this is now. Then I lived in downtown Minneapolis. Now I live in Copenhagen. And what I interpreted as “needing shoes I can walk and bike a lot in” back then is laughable now (kisses myself on the forehead).

We moved via the airline, so what we could bring was pretty limited and I had to make cuts. But you know what made the cut? Every single pair of Rothy’s that I own. The shoes are just that comfortable, versatile and durable that they are practically all I wear, and all I need. I can definitely say that as far as cost per wear, the shoes are definitely worth the $145 — or $125 if you use the code below — and that thanks to their durable fabric (they’re made from recycled water bottles) and their ability to be machine washed, they all still look new despite the fact that I’ve absolutely worn the hell out of them.

I like to follow-up on past posts to report on the stuff I’m still loving, and these are definitely one of those things that I don’t see myself abandoning anytime soon. I was thrilled to see Rothy’s launch a new design, The Loafer, this spring, and am hoping it means that more styles might also be in the works. For the record, if anyone is listening, I’d love to see a pointed loafer and would also love The Point in a dark camel brown *wink wink*.

Rothy’s doesn’t ship internationally, so, unfortunately, I won’t be able to grab any new pairs while we’re in Denmark, but I’ll share this code anyways. It will give you $20 off your pair of Rothy’s if you’re interested in trying them out.

P.S. Just as a good reminder for my fellow Rothy’s lovers: your shoes can be machine washed and air-dried, but ONLY wash them on cold and gentle/delicate! I accidentally washed my black ones in warm water, and any heat can cause them to shrink and lose their shape. It’s not too bad, and I can still wear them, but I was super sad about it.

Yeah, I’m Still Obsessed with Rothy’s

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