January 18, 2018

Organizing Your Home with a Slatwall

Organizing Your Home with a Slatwall: why we love ours!

It was fun to finally share our new space with you yesterday on my Home Tour (go there to see more about our downsize and a video tour). Although I had big intentions for creating a blog series about downsizing and living simpler…things have been so busy since we move that those intentions got lost fairly quickly. So, I’m glad I made the time to just do one big tour and share all my favorite features, products and tips in one post. It’ll have to do.

By far the most popular part of the home tour, and the feature I got the most comments and questions about, was our Slatwall. All of the units in our building have one in them, and originally I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I felt like it was kind of an eye sore and wasn’t sure how much we’d use it. But I quickly fell in love and now it is one of my favorite parts of our home! I can’t imagine not having one and I know its something we’ll integrate in other homes.

Organizing Your Home with a Slatwall: why we love ours!

The good news is that you can buy and install Slatwalls yourself. I love having one in our entry way to organize bags, helmets, keys and the dog leash. But I think they’d also be great in laundry rooms, closets or your home office! Most home improvement stores have them, and there are tons of accessory options you can get with them. We currently just have these hooks, but I love the idea of baskets, shelves, or being able to hang artwork or calendars/schedules! Below are some links to Slatwall products in case you’re interested. Follow me on Instagram for more of our living little lifestyle @Thyme_is_Honey.

White Slatwall with Hook Kit (8′ x 4′ white – I love this one and this is what I would buy to put in a home!) $132 for Set

White Slatwall (8 ft x 4 ft) – $114

Maple Slatwall Panels (24″ x 48″) – $76 for two

Gray metal Slatwall Panels (12″ x 48″) – $26.66 ea

12″ x 4″  Slatwall Basket – $10.99

2″ Disk Hooks – $7.95 Set of 2

1″ Steel Hooks – $8.60 Set of 6

Additional Slatwall Accessories


Organizing Your Home with a Slatwall: why we love ours!

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