December 30, 2017

21 Page Challenge – Prep!

Join the 21 Page Challenge! Fill out one planner page every day for 21 page to help develop healthier habits for 2018 and beyond!

The #21PageChallenge starts on Monday! If you aren’t sure what it is, it is my annual challenge to fill out a planning page every day for the first 21 days of the year. You can learn more and join me by reading through this past blog post.

So, before it kicks off on Monday I would love for you to spend some time thinking about what types of habits you want to improve or develop over the course of the 21 days, and list them out. Below are some of the goals I’m going to try adhering to during the 21-Page Challenge. Some of them are oldies, and some of them are new habits that I’m trying to develop. Remember, I’ve been doing this a long time (like 7 years) so your list doesn’t need to be this long or comprehensive, but hopefully this gives you some ideas for things you could focus on during the challenge:

  • Minimum 100 ounces of water each day
  • 3 gym workouts each week
  • 30 minute walks 5 days per week
  • At my desk by 5AM M-F
  • Applying my eyelash serum each night (I use this one)
  • One serving of collagen each day (I drink a lot of agua fresca for my skin and hair)
  • Eat mostly whole, plant-based foods
  • Track all food in MyFitnessPal during the challenge (you can follow me on MFP here)
  • Consume less sugar

I’d love to hear what some of your goals are going to be for the challenge! Head over to The Facebook Group and leave a comment to help inspire the rest of us! If you haven’t joined the challenge and fear you might be too late, don’t worry! To get started just read through this post, and consider purchasing my Daily Page Instant Download, which you can print out at home and start using immediately! You are also welcome to design your own or use your favorite planner/to-do list.

Then, if you have time before you get the party started on Sunday evening, sit down and start filling out your page for Monday, January 1. Set your water goal. Think about what you want to make for breakfast when you wake up. What goals can you set for the first day of the year? A 20-minute walk with your dog? An afternoon on the couch with a good book? Prepping lunches for the week? A clean house? An organized closet? The page doesn’t need to be filled out in its entirety, just try to get some of these things out of your head and onto paper. I’m really looking forward to this year’s #21PageChallenge and hope you’ll be joinging me!

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