December 29, 2017

Getting Ready for 2018

Join the 21 Page Challenge! Fill out one planner page every day for 21 page to help develop healthier habits for 2018 and beyond!

I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like we just set ourselves up for failure coming off 10 days of holiday celebrations and then giving ourselves this expectation that when we wake up on January 1st we’ll suddenly fall into a healthier, happier routine. It’s so easy to feel defeated within the first 48 hours!

And that’s why, for the past several years, I have instead focused on making a list of intentions for the year ahead—-just 10 things that I want to focus on being better about. Not perfect at, just better. And then I spend January 1-21 trying to build those habits into my daily routine and lifestyle. And, I hope it up as a challenge group and invite you to join me for the #21PageChallenge! If you feel like you have big plans for 2018, but already feel like you’re behind on accomplishing them, this challenge is for you. It’s simple and low-pressure. It’s meant to use the first 21 days of the year as an opportunity to develop those habits and skills that you want to carry with you into the new year and beyond. You might not remember every day. You might not lose the 5 pounds. You might not drag your ass to yoga at 6AM. But if you commit to the challenge and you do your very best, you might change your lifestyle for the better.

So, if you’re interested in joining the challenge, please do. You can get all the information you need in this post, and there is still plenty of time to join! I’ll be using my Daily Page Notepad (pictured above) throughout the challenge, but you’re welcome to use any planner/daily sheet/to-do list that you like! My Daily Page helps me with the challenge because it allows me to organize my:

  • To-Do List
  • Fitness Plan
  • Hydration
  • Meal Planning
  • Events/Meetings/Appointments
  • Daily Goals
  • Shopping Lists
  • +More

All on one page! This is the system that works for me, and I hope you’ve discovered one that works for you. The Daily Page is available as a notepad, or as a Printable PDF that you can purchase, download, print and start using immediately! Once you have your Daily Page or planner picked out, be sure to join The Facebook Group to help keep yourself accountable during the #21PageChallenge. That’s where I’ll also post hydration reminders, recipes, free workout plans + more! Hope to see you there!


Get organized with The Daily Page Notepad! Track your hydration, meal planning, fitness, to-do list, goals and events all on one page!

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