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15 gift ideas that female business owners will love and appreciate |

So the holidays are coming up and maybe you’re wondering what sort of gift to buy for your hardworking, entrepreneurial boss of a wife, mother, sister, daughter, or best friend. You know what they like and have no doubt you could buy them a gift they’d love, but this year you’d really like to get them something that says, “Damn, boo, I see you. I see you out there working hard. Breaking down barriers. Building your business. Here’s a gift that can help further your dreams!” which I think is really cool because a lot of us female business owners struggle to feel supported and I know they’ll love it.

Not sure your support system will get the hint? No worries, I’ve included all of my free trial or discount links below in case you want to treat yourself to some of these services (for free).

Here is my round-up of things that any female business owner would appreciate this holiday season:

  1. Gift Cards to Creative MarketCreative Market is a website that I can guarantee you almost every business owner is spending money on. We go there for fonts. Graphics. Stock images. Social media templates. Website themes. + more. A gift card to their website will not be lost on a business owner no matter what industry they are in. And if they don’t currently use it or know what it is, they’ll have you to thank for introducing them to it!
  2. Membership to Skillshare – Skillshare is a website where you can learn just about anything. You can find simple, online courses for anything from cooking, to graphic design or maybe digital illustration or car repair. Think of it as an elevated YouTube where professionals teach you their skills. With a membership, you can absorb as much information as you are able. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month memberships. This is a great way to tell someone you believe in them, and want to invest in their talents. GIFT GIVING TIP: Try a Skillshare membership free for 2-months by clicking here.
  3. The Perfect Bag for All Her Stuff – Bosses spend a lot of time taking their work with them, whether hustling in a coffee shop to launch your latest product, or running across town to pitch your conference idea, and we have a lot of stuff to bring with us. The Madewell Transport Tote is an absolute home-run if you’re looking for a great work bag, and they recently came out with an updated version that zips *and* has a cross-body strap. Santa, if you’re reading this: this bag is at the top of my list. GIFT BUYING TIP: For an additional $10 you can have her initials stamped into the leather, which is a really nice personal touch. However, get shopping now in order to get it by Christmas! 
  4.  Amazon Gift Card – Just trust me here. She probably already uses Amazon and she probably already has a Prime Subscription. We use it to order everything from office supplies to photography equipment and sometimes we 1-day Prime 60 rolls of toilet paper when we really get ourselves in a jam. Any amount will do and any amount will get used. Promise.
  5. In the Company of Women – One of my fellow hard-working boss friends gave me a copy of this book as a thank you and it meant so much. When I feel unmotivated, I love to flip open this book and read a quick blurb about these 100 female makers, artists and entrepreneurs. I find the book really inspiring, plus it looks great on your bookshelf or desk. Buy it on Amazon.
  6. A Pair of Rothy’s – Are shoes a practical gift for your favorite female CEO? Hell yes, they are. Especially when they are this stylish, comfortable and walkable. I tend to spend a lot of time walking around the city, either to and from meetings or to and from my favorite coffee shops, and finding shoes that were both chic enough for a meeting, but comfortable enough for the 2-mile walk to get there was a challenge. I discovered Rothy’s and have never looked back. They are an easy gift to give because they offer free returns and exchanges, which means that if you have to guess her size she can easily swap them out. My favorite pair are my Black Points (they go with everything). GIFT GIVING TIP: Get $20 off when you click here
  7. App Store Gift Cards – Smartphones are so much more than a phone, especially if you are a business owner. Suddenly you’re doing all of your marketing, customer care and shipping right from the palm of your hand. The amount of money we spend on photo editing apps, social media management apps etc adds ups! You can purchase gift cards to help cover this expense, and even just $20 can make a big difference. GIFT BUYING TIP: Do you know which type of phone she has? Then you know which one of these will be most helpful to her. If she has an iPhone, buy an Apple Store gift card. If she has an Android Device, go with a Google Play gift card.
  8. Meal Delivery Services – Because sometimes we forget to eat. That’s true for all of us. Women with families can sometimes find it particularly hard to balance building their business and still making healthy meals for their family. However, I’m pretty sure that even superwoman would appreciate a meal delivery service now and then. I’ve used several in the past, and Hello Fresh has always been my favorite.
  9. The Gift of Organization – Call me crazy, but my Daily Page Notepad has been a game changer for me both in life/health and business. If you know a boss who struggles with the work/life balance while also making sure her own health is a priority, one of these can really help her get it all on the same page (literally). There are a lot of other great organizers and planners out there, too, and I think any of them would make a thoughtful gift.
  10. Basically anything from Mark & Graham –  I’ve been drooling over these Leather Tassel Keychains that have a built-in Lightning Port for charging your iPhone (obviously make sure she has an iPhone) and also love these Leather Roll-Ups for cord organization, but their site has a ton of great customized gift ideas at varying price points.
  11. An appointment for a massage – Notice I didn’t say “buy her a gift card for a massage”? There’s a reason for that. My husband once bought me a gift card for a massage and it took me a year to use it. Why not go in, pay for the massage, and book the appointment for about 6-8 weeks in the future? If you know the days and times that might work best for her, great, if not, guess. If you just give her a gift card, she’ll have to call to make an appointment anyway. If the appointment you make for her won’t work out, she can spend the same amount of time calling to change it. However, already having an appointment on the calendar makes her 1. More likely to take that time for herself and 2. Removes the mental labor of booking the appointment (as long as it works out). GIFT GIVING TIP: If she has kids, offer to provide child care while she attends the pre-booked appointment. That makes it even easier for her to follow-through with this self-care.
  12. Music Service Subscription – If your boss babe bestie works from home, she probably spends a solid amount of time jamming to her favorite playlist. And if she doesn’t, its probably because she hasn’t justified the cost of a music service subscription when she feels like she has so many start-up or ongoing business expenses that are more important. The gift of music is one we can all appreciate, and gifting her a 6 or 12-month subscription to a music service is a great way to ensure she thinks about you (and your amazing gift) every single day! GIFT GIVING TIP: Giving this gift kind of requires that you know whether she already uses Spotify, Google Music or a different service. However, a simple “Do you use any music services to listen to music during the day?” will give you the answer you need here. If she answers with “Yes, I listen to Spotify all day!” then a gift card to Spotify will help her out. If she says Google Music, a gift card there will help her out. If she’s into iTunes, you can find gift cards for that here. If she says “No, I haven’t used one.” Then I recommend that you introduce her to Spotify.
  13. Rockbox Subscription – This one is kind of strange, but bear with me. This service is like Netflix for amazing, designer jewelry. High-quality, gorgeous stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you feel like the badass bitch that you are the second you strap that necklace around your neck. But the $15/mo subscription service will give your gal access to a rotating chest of jewelry that she can wear, enjoy and then return at her leisure. I’ve done this service for a couple of years now, and not only do I love the jewelry, it also makes me feel like I have a bigger wardrobe, since I am always finding cute new outfits to put together with my latest set of jewelry, and that means I am spending less money on clothes. You can purchase 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions here. She’ll love it! GIFT GIVING TIP: Use this link to sign her up for a free month, before she starts the subscription she got from you! 
  14. Photography eBook Need to be on a major budget but still want to tell the person that you care + think they kick ass? Photography is a huge part of owning a business today, and being able to do it yourself can save a business owner a remarkable amount of money. If you’re on a super tight budget, I’d suggest printing out my free eBook,Mastering iPhone Photography” and gifting a copy to the entrepreneur in your life. If you have a little extra cash to spare, you can pair this with an Amazon gift card in any amount, which she can use on any of my suggested photography supplies for creating an amazing in-home studio.
  15. Rent the Runway Gift Card or Membership – Does your bossy lady go to a lot of formal events or business conferences? If so, she’d likely love a gift card or membership for Rent the Runway. Using this service she can order anything from a designer handbag, dress coat or pantsuit to a floor-length formal gown for a charity gala. You get to wear the item (while looking great) and then return it and let them take care of the dry cleaning. GIFT GIVING TIP: She can use this link to get $30 off a rental or membership

Gift Ideas for Female Business Owners

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