Learning to Master iPhone Photography - FREE eBook! Learn how to take better photos for your blog, business or personal life with this FREE iPhone Photography eBook | Thyme is Honey

I’m thrilled to offer literally everything I know about iPhone Photography in an easy-to-read eBook, now available for free download! I’ve been teaching this topic for nearly a year and I love helping people improve their photography. “Learning to Master iPhone Photography” will help you understand the basic function of your iPhone camera, and how to improve the quality and composition of your photos with just a few tricks!

The book is 20 pages long and contains all my best tips for getting amazing photos for your business and life using only your iPhone! I explain all of the best features of the native camera app, but also share all of my favorite editing apps, equipment, and props!

Learning to Master iPhone Photography - FREE eBook! Learn how to take better photos for your blog, business or personal life with this FREE iPhone Photography eBook | Thyme is Honey

So, what topics does this eBook cover? Well, basically everything I’ve learned about iPhone photography the past 7 years condensed into a simple guide that will walk you through basic skills as well as advanced techniques that you can use to promote your business or hobbies. Here’s the table of contents, to give you an overview of what is covered:

ONE Knowing Your iPhone
TWO Camera Modes
THREE Camera Settings
FOUR On-screen + Additional Features
FIVE 8 Tips for Better iPhone Photos
SIX Photo Composition
SEVEN 12 Tips for Improving Your Composition
EIGHT Photo Editing + Apps
NINE A Simple Home Studio
TEN Upgrading Your Studio
ELEVEN Basics of Photostyling
TWELVE Quick Guide: Tips for different Photography Styles
THIRTEEN Backing Up Your Photos
FOURTEEN Printing + Sharing Your Photos

Maybe you’re new around here and you’re thinking, “I can totally hold up a phone and press a button. Why would I need an eBook and who is this chick anyway? Well, allow me to introduce myself.

I’M DANI!  Last fall I celebrated my 5-year anniversary of being self-employed full-time as a social media strategist, but I’ve been blogging and working in social media for the past 7 years, entering the scene when Facebook for business was just starting, when Twitter wasn’t widely used, and before Pinterest or Instagram even existed.

Over the past 7 years I’ve watched as the landscape of social media has changed in amazing and exciting ways! My job used to revolve mostly around writing witty Tweets and captivating Facebook posts, but slowly evolved into work that was much more visual.

My passion for social media and the ability to create captivating images landed me contracts to work with some really exciting brands! I’m now creating content and managing accounts that vary in size from 3,000, to 50,000 to over 5 million. Learning photography is one of the skills that has not only helped advance my career but has also enriched my life by helping me capture, share and preserve the beautiful things around me.

I have these skills and I want to share them with you. Anyone can hold up their phone and capture a photo, but I believe that there is a method behind a great photo that can be taught, and that by practicing those skills a beautiful art form can emerge. Whether you take that art form and use it to capture your personal life, or you use it to launch a business of your own is entirely up to you. The goal of “Learning to Master iPhone Photography” is to organize everything I’ve learned in one pretty package that provides you with all of the information and tools you need to unlock that creativity.

Getting here required a lot of work, encouragement from those around me, and experts in various fields that were willing to mentor me. I want to be your resource in the iPhone Photography + Social Media world, and this eBook is our first coffee date.

Grab your FREE copy, find a comfy spot, and fly through the 20 pages. I recommend having your phone handy so that you can walk through some of the steps as you read them. Purchasing the eBook also gives you life-long access to my Student Portal, where you’ll have access to a complete list of all the products I use, helpful tutorials, as well as access to any updated versions of the eBook.

I’m excited to see how my eBook helps you improve your iPhone photography to capture the world around you!


Learning to Master iPhone Photography - learn how to take better photos for your blog, business or personal life with this iPhone Photography eBook | Thyme is Honey

Free iPhone Photography eBook

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