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Instagram Audit Free Printable

I’ve worked as a social media strategist for the past 7 years, and there aren’t many things I love more than helping business owners understand, improve and master social media!

I’ve been teaching workshops for the past couple years, regularly for the past year at Revel Madison! Tonight will be my last regular class at Revel (we move to Minneapolis this weekend!), although I’ll be back in September to speak at a conference and hopefully teach a special topic class at Revel (keep tabs on their Events Page for more info).


Maybe you aren’t sure whether your Instagram account is flourishing or failing? That’s a common feeling for us as business owners—-we are always questioning how we’re doing and comparing it to everyone else. That’s where my Instagram Audit (pictured above) comes into play!

This 1-page printable is what I email to my new clients and ask them to fill out. Before our first phone consultation, I also sit down, look over their account, and fill it out from my perspective (the perspective of your follower/customer/potential client). It helps ensure that our first interaction dives right into what they are doing right and what areas they could improve upon, either on their own or with my help).

I’d encourage you to grab this free printable, pull up your account, and fill it out! If you want some initial feedback, ask a friend or fellow business owner to also fill one out for you.


Instagram Audit

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