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My Experience with Eyebrow Microblading : before and after | Thyme is Honey

Update: Today (2.18.20) marks 3 years since I first had my eybrows micro-bladed…so thought I’d provide an update!

I still consider micro-blading to be one of the best things I’ve done for myself and a worthwhile investment. I just had them touched up for the first time in 3 years. They faded over the years, but the best part about microblading was that it showed me where my brows *should* be and kind of allowed me to let them grow in themselves over the past couple years. My natural brows are much thicker than they used to be which I think made the micro-blading look even better! The cost for micro-blading is significant (most places will cost between $400-600+) but when reflecting on the investment I can easily justify it — I would have easily spent significantly more than that on tinting services or even just product over the past 3 years, and it comes with the added benefit of always being there and looking great (even on our 3rd day of camping) and also helping my natural brows improve so that I love my natural brows even more than I did before.

Even thought they still looked pretty good I decided to get them touched-up recently, and scine I no longer live in Wisconsin I had them touched up locally in Copenhagen at WOW Effect. So far I have been very happy with the quality and service I’ve experienced there. Here are some more recent brow photos! These photos are both from before my latest touch-up, so my microblading was around 2-2.5 years old at the point these photos were taken.

Again, this is what the micro-blading looked like when it was about 2-2.5 years old. I’ll update this post again in a couple weeks when I’m finished with my latest touch-up appointments. If you’re looking for micro-blading these are the places I can personally recommend:

Buttercup Beauty (mention me for $50 off) in Madison/Sun Prairie, WI
Haus Salon in Minneapolis, MN
WOW Effect in Copenhagen, Denmark

From 2017:

The past couple months I’ve been undergoing the microblading process with a local pro, Buttercup Beauty (based in Madison, Wisconsin). If you missed the initial post with all the befores and procedure information you can check it out in this previous post.

Microblading is the act of tattooing very fine, hair-like strokes into the brows in order to create thicker brows with the shape you desire. After seeing some friends get amazing results, I decided to give it a go!

The process started with a 3 hour appointment during which my brows were measured and marked. Once we settled on a shape it took about an hour to make the initial microblading marks. Then I went home to heal for 4 weeks!
I would say that the procedure itself was mildly painful. I don’t have a tattoo…but friends who have both have said its pretty comparable. It hurt worse than I thought it would, but wasn’t bad (obviously I went back!). The healing process, at least for me, was super easy, too. The 2nd and 3rd day after the appointment my brows just felt like a sunburn. It hurt to furrow my brow and they were sensitive to touch, but didn’t bother me. On days 4-7 they kind of peeled and flaked but as long as I kept coconut oil on them, they looked fine!

After a week they looked pretty great and the flaking was done! It took a couple more weeks for them to fully heal so that I could undergo the 1-month touch-up appointment. During this appointment we refined the shape and Kylene went over the original lines again. The second appointment was about 90 minutes and slightly less painful, maybe because I knew what to expect! My Experience with Eyebrow Microblading : before and after | Thyme is Honey

The healing process was the same after the second appointment: it felt slightly sunburned for a few days and then flaked and peeled. It wasn’t bad and I never felt like I couldn’t leave the house! I just kept them moisturized and clean!

Now it’s been three weeks since the touch-up, my brows are basically healed, and I totally love the final look! My goals were to fill in some sparse areas and get a more even shape between my brows, and Buttercup Beauty totally helped me achieve that!  Kylene sent me the before and after photo above, and I was like “Whoa!”, I kind of feel like I forgot what my old brows even looked like. I’m definitely really pleased with how natural the microblading looks—-I can’t even tell what’s real hair and what’s microblading, so I doubt anyone else can, either! On a daily basis I leave my brows-as is. They don’t really even need any additional powder. If I’m doing my makeup or going out, I still use a light pencil or powder to refine the shape. I love that the shape is fuller and that my brows are more symmetrical thanks to the microblading.

Microblading gets two enthusiastic brows up from me! Be sure to check out my original post for more information about the procedure!


My Experience with Eyebrow Microblading : before and after | Thyme is Honey

My Experience with Eyebrow Microblading

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  1. Kylene says:

    You are so beautiful inside and browside! You were a great patient! Thanks for doing such a great write up and feature of the process????????

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