January 19, 2017

Good Jams No. 11

Good Jams No. 11 - songs to add to your playlist | January 2017

Hot damn, been a long time since I dropped some tunes in this joint! I’ve featured a couple songs in recent Instagram Stories and had people inquire about the artists, so figured a Good Jams roundup was long overdue. Here are a few great tunes I’ve been enjoying lately.

Sleeping on the Blacktop” by Colter Walls  (Click Here to Listen on Spotify) – Love Johnny Cash? Okay then, you’re welcome. Also check out “The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie”.

“Begonia” by Juniper (Click Here to Listen on Spotify) – Soulful and amazing. Just sit back and enjoy.

“Long Live the Chief” by Jidenna (Click Here to Listen on Spotify) – Am I the only person who was hoping Obama would exit to this song following his Farewell Address? Damn, thatta been awesome.

“Emotions and Math” by Margaret Glaspy (Click Here to Listen on Spotify) – Maybe it’s all the organization and calendars and pens in the music video. Or maybe the song is just catchy and fantastic (kudos to my mister for introducing me to this song a few months ago).

“Cold” by The Social Animals (Click Here to Listen on Spotify) – I somehow stumbled across their album, Formative Years (2016), and fell in love with it. I’d been listening to the entire thing on repeat for a few weeks before realizing they are from Duluth, MN. They don’t have a lot of videos online but I’d encourage you to give the entire album a listen. Along with “Cold” I love “I Guess in America” and “Knock Me Out”.

“In Hell I’ll be in Good Company” by The Dead South (Click Here to Listen on Spotify) – This is one of those songs that I’m not sure I would have liked if I hadn’t first seen the music video. Really interesting sound, group, and a great song, but I really love the video.

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