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2017 Double Page Spread Calendar Printable | by Thyme is Honey
Each year I have meticulously kept a planner. I have a good chunk of shelf space taking up planners from years past. But the last couple years I’ve purchased planners and then totally failed to fill them out because The Daily Page has been my go-to method for organizing and making the most of my days. Keeping everything on the pages is the best system for me (they allow me to track to-dos, fitness, water consumption, appointments, meal planning and more all in one place), and are not something I’ll be going away from, but I’ve found myself really missing the ability to have a calendar integrated into my system.

Since I recently designed and launched The Weekly Planner, I decided that a great companion to it would be a full 2017 Printable Calendar in a double-page spread design so that you can print the page, add a 3-hole punch, and easily store them in a binder along with your favorite organizational pages. This basically led me to creating the perfect planner for me, and I hope it might be something you could do for yourself, too. I think if you’re someone who benefits from being able to keep everything in one place, this system could be a perfect fit.

To get started I purchased a binder. Okay, I actually purchased 3 until I found one that was perfect. I went with the 1.5″ Avery Flip Back 360, ($10.60 on Amazon) because I wanted something that could lay totally flat without bending the pages. Then, I picked out monthly divider tabs. There are so many options and some of them are really pretty, but I decided to go with these Avery ones that are black leather with the months stamped in gold ($5.99 on Amzaon). Simple and perfect.

2017 Double Page Calendar Printable

Then I printed out my newly designed 2017 Calendar Double Page Layout Printable and organized them with each month. At the beginning of each month I print out 4 weeks worth of The Weekly Planner and insert them into the binder to ensure that each day of the month is productive.

I’m excited to find more great ways to optimize this planner system for me, and for you. If you’ve got ideas, send them my way!

2017 Calendar Double Page Spread

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