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How to Increase Water Intake in 4 Days: a simple plan to gently increase your water consumption to meet your Daily Water Goal. | Thyme is Honey

A big part of my journey to healthier living has been drinking more water. Around 150 ounces per day, to be exact. I’ve been doing it for over 6 years and it’s something I don’t really have to think about anymore, but I know that getting started can be really difficult for some people.

Here’s a simple 4 day plan that helps you gently increase your water consumption to get close to the recommended 80 ounce per day minimum, however, the amount each person should consume is different for each of us. Below is a simple formula you can use to calculate what your Daily Water Goal should be, you can also find this on my 21 Page Challenge Prep Sheet.

21 Page Challenge Prep Sheet 2

This 4-day plan is created for people who are drinking very little water each day, perhaps starting at zero or aren’t really sure how much they are consuming. It’s meant to be a gentle introduction to hydration. Obviously, if you feel like your body wants more water, drink more! If you feel uncomfortable or sick at any point, reduce the amount you’re drinking.

Need ideas for how to get more water into your day? See my post on How to Drink More Water.

How to Increase Your Water Intake in 4 Days

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