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Join the 21-Page Challenge! A simple challenge to develop healthy habits and get 2017 off to a good start.

The left photo below is one of our engagement photos, taken in the fall of 2010, the photo on the right is from this past summer. Two totally different women in so many ways. Three months after our engagement photos were taken I finally realized that something needed to change. My clothes were tight, my energy was low and I knew my health wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. I don’t look at that girl on the left and see an overweight person, but I do see a person who wasn’t happy with how she felt and was aware of the fact that she could be doing better when it came to taking care of herself.

A meeting with a nutritionist showed that I was about 20-25 pounds above the ideal weight for my height, frame and build. Assessing my typical meal plan with her proved that I knew very little about nutrition: nearly everything I was consuming was processed. Very little real food was making it into my diet. I started a 4-month plan to reach my goal weight. Everything changed and in the 6 years since I haven’t looked back.

5 Year Transformation

There have been hard moments and weight fluctuations, sure, but overall I have found it incredibly easy, enjoyable and rewarding to maintain a life that is a beautiful balance of healthy and indulgent. The Daily Page has been a huge part of that journey. In fact, it was my wellness journey in 2010 that first inspired me to create the very first version of The Daily Page! Now I credit the page for not only helping me live a healthy lifestyle, but also for helping me launch businesses, conquer productivity, and maintain my mental focus and clarity.

This January I’d like to invite you to join me for a challenge that is focused on WELLNESS (not on diets, not on work-out routines, not a cleanse).  It’s for those who keep saying they’ll commit to a healthier life, but struggle to make the transition. The 21-Page Challenge is simple: pick out a daily page design, and commit to using it for 21 days starting January 1, 2017.

Your goals can be as big or as small as you want them to be. You’ll pick out your own meal plan, decide what activity level and type works with your lifestyle. It’s not only about physical wellness, but also about mental wellness, too. Maybe this is when you finally pick up yoga, meditation, journaling or read two of those books that have been sitting on your shelf for three years. Perhaps you’ll launch a new product or finally start that blog or business you’ve dreamed about. This challenge is meant to be relaxed and enjoyable. The goal is to spend 21 days developing healthier habits that will enable you to live a healthier and more productive life in 2017 and beyond. I’ll provide you with a supportive space to stay accountable and get motivation, and I’ll share more about my journey and what has helped me. I’ll also introduce you to people who have inspired and motivated me in my journey, and I hope they’ll do the same for you!

How to join the challenge:

  1. If you don’t already own one of my organizational pages (in either notepad or digital form) you can browse them in my Etsy Shop or see below for descriptions.
  2. Request to join The Daily Page Facebook Group.
  3. Start thinking about the changes you want to see in yourself in 2017 and write down some of your goals for the challenge.
  4. Fill out a Daily Page every day January 1st- 21st. Use the Facebook Group for motivation and accountability, and share your progress on Instagram or Twitter with #21PageChallenge.


The Daily Page -My original design. This layout is great for people who are trying to track and improve aspects of work, fitness, wellness and home life. (Notepad or Digital Download)

The Weekly PlannerNew! For those who are doing it all 7-days a week! This layout provides plenty of space each day for your expanding to-do list, but doesn’t let you forget about taking care of yourself—mentally and physically. (available only as a Digital Download for you to print at home)

Food + Wellness Planner – For those who have masted their to-do list and just need help with their nutrition and meal-planning. This layout helps you plan healthy meals and track hydration for the entire week. (available only as a Digital Download for you to print at home)

Today is Mine – The simplest layout. It’s ideal for people who want to organize their day while also paying attention to their meals and water consumption. This small notepad is portable, has a hydration tracker across the top, and helps you organize your day around meals, providing a space to plan them between to-do list items. (Notepad or Digital Download)

The Weekly Planner 1-Page – This layout lets you view the week ahead on a single page. It provides space for prioritizing 10 to-do list items each day. Manage projects, plan workouts, and set goals all on one page. (available only as a Digital Download for you to print at home)

It’s an expensive time of year, and I don’t want a purchase to deter anyone from joining the challenge and potentially transforming their life! Below is a free printable file for my “Don’t Just Sit There” To-Do List. It’s a very simple design, and does not track fitness + wellness the way the other pages do, but you can make it work for you!


Join the 21-Page Challenge

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