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The 10 Best Types of Pens for your Planner Journal or Calendar | Thyme is Honey

My somewhat severe pen obsession is no surprise to those of you following me on Instagram. Or anyone who has ever had to share a locker, dorm room or work space with me. I LOVE PENS. This love led me to create this little bag for my Etsy Shop ($15), and I was a little surprised when I sold out of them the first weekend they were up (don’t worry, I made more and they are back in stock). But that means that other people love pens this much, too! So, in honor of that I’m sharing my list of  my favorite pens/markers for your planner, journal or calendar. Get 10% off all orders in my Etsy Shop with code HONEY at checkout.


  1. Stabilo 30 Color Set ($15.89) – I think these are an amazing deal. The colors are gorgeous (as are the pens), the price is great and I love the way these write. Definitely a brand I order over and over again and the ones you’ll see me with most often.
  2. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens .3mm 20 Color Set ($18.80) – These are another high-quality, fine tipped marker/pen that comes in beautiful colors. I love the case this brand comes with, but I do wish the pens didn’t have a triangular-shaped body…it’s fine as long as I’m not writing for a long time (like addressing holiday cards, etc).
  3. Papermate Flair Pens 24 Color Set ($17.01) – These pens are a classic and will probably forever remind me of middle school. But, they’re a classic for a reason: they’re awesome. I love using the colored ones on my larger calendars, but also order the all-black pens in bulk for everyday use.
  4. Micron .45 MM Pen Collection ($24.00 on Amazon) – These are archival quality pens and are great for projects you plan to preserve.
  5. Pilot Razor Point Fine Line Markers ($$7.49 on Amazon) – I love these for editing documents.
  6. LePen 18 Color Pen Set ($25.92 on Amazon) – I love the colors and size of these. They have a fine point tip and write beautifully.
  7. Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens ($9.70 on Amazon) – Great for fine writing in your planner/journal with the option to erase.
  8. Pilox FriXion Erasable Markers ($12.64 on Amazon) – Great for coloring/highlighting/writing in your planner or journal with the option to erase.
  9. Pilot Razor Point 8 Color Set ($12.45 on Amazon) – These are a somewhat expensive pen, but worth it. I love the super fine tips although I do find that they bleed a bit on certain types of paper.
  10. Pentel Felt Tip Markers 12 Color Set ($14.37 on Amazon) – These are a bit more of a marker than a pen, but they do have a relatively stiff felt-tip with a beautiful taper, so I love writing with them in larger spaces (big calendars, planning sheets, etc)


My List of the 10 Best Pens for Planners, Journals and Calendars | Thyme is Honey

The Best Pens for your Planner

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