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12 Pretty Dresses for the Bride To Be! - perfect dresses for your wedding shower, bachelorette party, or honeymoon! | Thyme is Honey

Wedding season is in full swing! We’ve had a couple already this year, which means I’ve done plenty of online shopping for dresses. For some reason I keep falling in love with white dresses, which we all know are a wedding faux pas! There were just too many good ones to let them go to waste, so I decided to share them in a post for all the brides out there. A LWD (little white dress) is the perfect attire for your wedding shower, bachelorette party, gift opening and even the honeymoon. The dresses above range in price from $34 – $800, so there truly is an option for everyone. Below are links to a few of my favorite websites for dress shopping, as well as numbered links to the dresses above.


1 .Forever 21 Crochet Paneled Maxi Dress ($32.90). 2. Forever 21 Crochet Sheath Dress ($34.90). 3. Contemporary Crochet Maxi Dress ($29.90). 4. Forever 21 Floral Crochet Knit Cami Dress ($34.90). 5. Forever 21 Contemporary Crochet Dress ($34.90). 6. ASOS Paper Dolls High Neck Dress ($94.00). 7. ASOS Chi Chi London High Neck Cutwork Dress ($106.00). 8.  ASOS Love Triangle Midi Dress ($89.00). 9. Shopbop Shoshanna Beaux Lace Dress ($287.00). 10. R&M Richards Lace Gown ($119.00). 11. Shopbop Lula Dress ($594.00). 12. Anthropologie Frida Dress ($800).

Dresses for Brides-to-Be

the daily page

How do I get it all done? Simple. I fill out The Daily Page, my secret weapon for aligning my work + wellness.

It is now available as a spiral-bound planner, notepad, instant digital download, or planner for the Goodnotes app.

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Want to finally get hydrated?

75% of us are living with chronic mild dehydration. I'll show you how to change that.

My online course will teach you how to achieve optimum hydration and get organized using The Daily Page.  


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