"If you are strong, you don't need to be tough." - Piper Kerman , author of Orange is the New Black

For the past few months I’ve gotten to enjoy monthly lectures as part of the Unique Lives and Experiences Series. My friend Claire and I purchased tickets as soon as we found out that Madison would be hosting the series, and it has been such a fun way to elevate our monthly ladies nights! The series kicked off with Lisa Genova (author of Still Alice), was followed by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe (founder of Sewing Hope) and the latest speaker was Piper Kerman (author of Orange is the New Black). Each lecture has been so moving, inspiring, and well-done. Not to mention how fun it is to see the Overture Center filled with women of all ages, brought together by our common interest of learning through other’s experiences. It’s powerful stuff.

This quote is from Piper’s lecture. She talked a lot about her actual prison experience, what got her there, and how the book differs from the show. She was discussing how the women’s prison really had a sense of community, that the women took care of each other, and that if you were mentally and emotionally strong you didn’t need to be physically tough. I thought that was a powerful idea, and wanted to share.

Be sure to check out the Unique Lives and Experiences Lecture Series, mention it to someone in your city to see if they can bring it to a theater near you! The 2016 series will wrap up with Judy Collins and Diane Keaton! (*faints*)

"If you are strong, you don't need to be tough." - quote from Piper Kerman author of Orange is the New Black.

You Don’t Need to be Tough

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