February 10, 2016

The Love of a Dog

"Can you even imagine a life without the love of a dog?" | Thyme is Honey

Walter told me that I have to stop taking photos of him when he’s sleeping. He told me it’s creepy and kind of rude. So, I guess I’ll stop (<– not actually likely), but I snappedĀ this one and it’s cute and every time I look at it I just want to squeeeeeeeeeeze him. I love this dog so much and I’m totally okay with how crazy I look.

Walter went to the vet this week and the vet was once again amazed by how clean his teeth were. He’s 4.5 and his teeth have never been brushed or cleaned, and yet she said he has the teeth of a very young dog. Win! Great teeth can be genetic, for sure, but I credit Walter’s clean teeth and stellar dental health to these coconut oil dog treats that I give him every night before bed. This seemed like a good time to remind you of the tutorial and suggest that you make some for your furry buddy.

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