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Rocksbox: monthly membership for designer jewelry! Try it for one month FREE!

I’ve been doing Rocksbox for over a year, so I thought it was time for an update on what I like about the service along with some tips I’ve learned along the way. I love jewelry, so Rocksbox has been a lot of fun for me. To summarize: Rocksbox is a monthly membership that gives you access to new jewelry each month. You receive 3 pieces in the mail, you can keep them and wear them for as long as you want. When you’re done with them you put them back in the package, slap on the pre-paid label, and drop them back in the mail. Within a week you’ll receive another 3-piece set to enjoy. You can swap them out as often as you want—so if you really love everything you can hold on to it for a month or two, or you can swap out every week if you just prefer to keep things fresh (learn more about How it Works). You can also purchase pieces at a discount if you just love them too much to let them go. Above are a few of the pieces I’ve kept.

The major pros that I’ve found with Rocksbox:

  1. It gives me access to jewelry I probably wouldn’t buy normally – My taste for jewelry has gotten a bit more expensive in recent years. I don’t really get that much joy out of buying $10 statement jewelry at the mall, and I’d rather wear simple, well-made pieces. Rocksbox gives me access to designer jewelry (two of my favorites are Gorjana and Kendra Scott) without purchasing each piece.
  2. I save money! Yes, a Rockbox membership costs money (about $19 per month), but having that rotating selection of jewelry stops me from buying new clothes. When I have an event coming up I just look forward to getting new jewelry to pair with something I already own.

My Tips:

  1. Create a Pinterest board for jewelry you love and share that link with your Rocksbox Stylist. This has helped me communicate my style and often time the Stylist sends me the exact necklace I’ve pinned. I keep my favorites on my Bling + Baubles Pinboard.
  2. Got an event or trip coming up? Tell your stylist about it. I’ve sent my stylist links to dresses I planned to wear for weddings, or told them about upcoming vacation plans. They’ve always done a great job of picking out the perfect pieces.
  3. Follow Rocksbox on Instagram and tag photos of jewelry you want to try! They make it so easy. If they share a photo of a piece of jewelry that you love, just comment and tag it with #RBwishlist. It might just magically appear in your next set.

So, that’s my update! If you’re interested in trying Rocksbox for one month free go here to get started! Questions? Find me on Instagram and ask away.

Rocksbox: One Month Free

the daily page

How do I get it all done? Simple. I fill out The Daily Page, my secret weapon for aligning my work + wellness.

It is now available as a spiral-bound planner, notepad, instant digital download, or planner for the Goodnotes app.

how to get started

Want to finally get hydrated?

75% of us are living with chronic mild dehydration. I'll show you how to change that.

My online course will teach you how to achieve optimum hydration and get organized using The Daily Page.  


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