December 21, 2015

Pinterest Optimized Blog Post Images

How to Add Pinterest Optimized Blog Post Images + Video Tutorial to Help You Get Started | Thyme is Honey

You’ve seen them on Pinterest: those long, vertical images that summarize a blog post and tend to get a bajillion repins. They certainly seem to be catching the eye of pinners everywhere, but including them in your blog post can be kind of a stressful endeavor for bloggers. These long, vertical images take up a lot of real-estate in your home feed and can be a little unappealing aesthetically. So, what’s a gal to do? I’ve got two suggestions for how to incorporate these Pinterest optimized images  into your blog posts without sacrificing style or space.

My short video will walk you through the two methods that I recommend to m clients. The first option is to add the optimized image to the bottom of the page, reduce it’s size, and hide it below a “read more” tag. The second option is to hide the optimized image within the HTML code, so that it doesn’t show up in the actual post, but populates when using the in-browser pin it button. Both methods have pros and cons, so you’ll have to decide which option is right for your site. Watch my short tutorial below and if you have questions or requests please leave them in the comments, drop me a Tweet or catch me on Instagram!

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