Fall Old Fashioned made with Wollersheim Apple Brandy | Thyme is Honey

This post could get weird because I’ve already consumed one of these and I’m contemplating my second. I mean…it is Tuesday after all, why not? Last weekend was a fall trifecta. We were at home (finally) and got to enjoy our local farmers market (where I got a few fresh apples) and visit Wollersheim Winery (where we purchased two types of brandy and no wine). Ever since arriving home with those supplies in hand I have been dreaming up this cocktail and I will just be honest with you: it’s fall in a glass and that is 100% okay with me. Give me brandy over a pumpkin spice latte any day.

In case you didn’t know, in Wisconsin we make our Old Fashioneds with brandy instead of the more conventional whisky option, and it doesn’t get more Wisconsin-y than mixing it up with a locally-made apple brandy. Shake one up and let me know how you like it via Instagram.

2 orange wedges
3 maraschino cherries
1.5 ounces Wollersheim Apple Eau de Vie Apple Brandy
2 oz fresh apple cider
Ground Cinnamon
Soda water
Apple slice (for garnish)

Place 1.5 oz brandy, 2 oz cider, and dash of cinnamon in shaker and shake vigorously. In a glass add the oranges and cherries and muddle. Top muddled fruit with brandy/cider/cinnamon mixture. Add ice, top with soda water and an apple slice.

Fall Old Fashioned made with Wollersheim Apple Brandy | Thyme is Honey

Fall Old Fashioned

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