Thank god for top knots! + my favorite top knot tutorial for a perfect top knot in 60 seconds.

I traveled light during our recent trip to Europe and took only a backpack. Surviving 11 days in a backpack, for me, meant no room for hair products or hot tools, but that was okay! Not messing around with styling your hair means less time in the hotel room and more time out discovering a new city (that’s the point of traveling, right?)!

Top knots were a saving grace for me during the trip. I love that they are fast, but look good enough for a formal dinner.  I rely on the method demonstrated in the below YouTube video to get a bouncy, messy top knot in a matter of seconds and I thought I’d share it in case you are still struggling to perfect your top knot:


(background image above found here)


Top Knots


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THE buzz?!


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