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Jewelry is right up there with a good pair of denim, for me. If I get a great piece I’m likely to practically wear it out. I don’t do bracelets, so necklaces and rings get most of my attention. Lately I’ve been really into gold rings with pops of white. I like the way white makes my hands look a little tanner and also pairs well with with a clean white manicure.

I love to buy jewelry at yard sales, antique stores, and will grab some in bulk at places like H&M or Nordstrom Rack, but a few other places that I love to score great jewelry are Cents of Style and RocksBox. The rectangular marble ring in the photo above is one I got from Cents of Style ($14.95), and I’ve been wearing it nonstop (I also love these initial rings and this set of stackers).  Rocks Box is also a fun place to get great jewelry. Rocks Box allows you to receive jewelry in the mail, wear it for a few days (or weeks!) and then mail it back and get new stuff in exchange. You can read my full post about the service, and sign up for a free month to try out the service!


Disclosure: the marble rectangular ring was provided for my review courtesy of Cents of Style, and the link for RocksBox will provide me with a $25 product credit when you sign up. 


Ring, ring!

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