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Homemade coconut oil treats for dogs and the health benefits of feeding your dog coconut oil.

Hello there! You likely found yourself here hoping to find a recipe for coconut oil dog treats! In recent years more information has emerged showing that coconut oil is not as beneficial for dogs as we once thought. I’d urge you to read through this article and perhaps find other alternatives for your dog. I pride myself on always being willing to learn and to change course when better information becomes available. Although coconut oil has many benefits (I love it for my hair and skin) we now know that it might do more harm than good when it comes to our dogs.

Coconut Oil Dog Treats

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  1. […] you see my recent post about feeding your dog coconut oil? Walter loves it, and I attribute his very clean (and never brushed) teeth to the daily ritual. If […]

  2. Marilyn says:

    Too funny, our little fur kids. I have a black lab that does the same thing. She’s GOT to have her coconut before bedtime!

    This is a great idea…especially love the thought of adding essential oils–fabulous!

    Thank you

  3. I love this idea. I will be sharing on my social media this month! -Michelle Huntting

  4. Holly Jackson says:

    Can these treats undo tooth decay? (My dog has never had a teeth cleaning and has some issues).

  5. Jordan says:

    I love this idea for my two pups! Do you know if there is a limit they should have a day by chance?

  6. Sherry says:

    What type of coconut oil would you recommend?

    I own a boxer with allergies.

  7. Tabretha says:

    How much peppermint oil would you put in the coconut oil?

  8. Linda says:

    I have a 5 year old Airedale Terrier. She has been eating coconut oil since she was little. I use it on my face at night and she would go nuts when I opened the jar. After reading the benefits of Coconut oil for animals and humans. She now gets a daily dose. Everyone comments on her beautiful teeth…even the vet.

  9. Thaustin says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to melt it and pour it over his food?

  10. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks|

  11. Jessica says:

    I have given my dog coconut oil every night also and she expects it when we go to bed (just like yours she won’t come to bed without it) and while I’m rubbing it on my skin she stars to lick me ! I have noticed my dog have much softer fur from putting it on(:

  12. Lauren says:

    What a good idea! I’ll have to try this.

  13. Trish says:

    Great idea!! We live in Phoenix and in the summer, I mix the coconut oil in with the dry dog food, which sometimes doesn’t get finished. If they don’t want to finish their dry food after I’ve added the CO, they’ll make a HUGE mess by trying to lick the food clean…this solves my problem!
    Thank You! 🙂

  14. Kristina says:

    I am the proud new Auntie of a handsome Rottwieler puppy!! My brother, his dad, is very big on feeding Leo all natural, and I’m researching some treats that are homemade for us to make for Leo, as a gift!! This sounds yummy, and the benefits are awesome! If you have any other recipes, please do email me and share! Thanks so much! Going on to Facebook to add and follow you, as well!! Kristina Marie – on Facebook
    Thanks Again!
    Kristina and Leonidas 🙂

  15. hello, I have a boxer and a min. schnauzer., Carley and Bullet. My boxer has a bad tummy and horrid breath – how much of the essensal oils would i use in the coconut oil treats ? I would use the peppermint – i think would be best, and could i also use the clove oil at the same time for her teeth ? thanks for your great idea – i know it will help my schnauzer’s terrible dry skin too…

  16. i have that problem with the coconut oil. In the summer I give him a .5 teaspoon of the oil. And mix it into his food. I like to try the collaps kn the freezer the problem is, If he gets a treat, he runs around the house with it Plays with it then he eats it. I don’t want the oil on my carpet

  17. Ninoshka says:

    Thanks for the receipe , going to try it 🙂 know it will be delicious

  18. Lori says:

    I have a dog that always seems to be itching on both sides of her belly, will coconut oil helps this? She just started this and I have treated for fleas.

  19. Corinne says:

    Great Idea! How many drop essential oil would you recommend per amount coconut oil?

  20. Leska Glidewell says:

    I have 2 shit zus one will be 13 in April(male) he has a heart murmur and is on 3 mess. His name is Max! we love him he is family!My girl is Daisy will be 8. We love them both so much. max is still very active, loves his toys. daisy just wants anyone to play where she can growl and be ruff.

  21. Terri Ellisor says:

    Going to make some of these for my dogs…..I particularly like the idea that it helps keep their teeth clean and aids with skin problems.

  22. Ginny says:

    this is now on my grocery
    list to try

  23. Kerri says:

    I am searching for treats with lavender. How many drops would you suggest for these coconut oil treats? Thanks!

  24. Sharon says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this great idea. I used to give my dog fish oil but as she gets grain free salmon kibble, I’d noticed some problems with her digestion. I stopped giving her the fish oil, but my dog seemed to age without the fish oil. I was looking for a more digestable way to give her a boost, and to freeze the oil is a GREAT idea. Like you, I had problems with melting. That the c. oil is good for their teeth is an area I’d like to help my dog with too.
    One suggestion, use coconut oil for dog’s paw pads. The oil will soften rough pads, is anti-bacterial (for small cuts & abrasions), and if the dog licks the oil off, it won’t hurt the dog.

  25. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this blog.

  26. Tami "Nanalovesnewfs" Burd says:

    I was under the impression that essential oils weren’t for consumption? Your saying that you feed your animals the oils? (I am not doubting you, I am new to the entire EO world, still learning????.) I have a Darling Newf with the worst breath, no matter what we do to clean her teeth, freshen her breath or what!

  27. Lynnette says:

    You could try the coconut oil that us about 92° melting point.
    My puppy loves coconut oil, too!

  28. Joyce says:

    New puppy and I too give the coconut oil with YLEO

  29. Janel says:

    I am definitely trying this! How much peppermint oil would you suggest using? Like per cup for instance? Thanks for sharing this!!

  30. Claire says:

    I love your post! Our Lucy gets a treat every night too, to go in her crate aka “camp,” and I’ve been thinking of how to give her something good for her teeth. Do you also brush Walters teeth or just do the oil. Thanks!

  31. Sherry Granger says:

    Going to try this……my dogs don’t like the toothbrush so we’ll see if this helps ????????????????

  32. Ranger says:

    Hello. We plan to try the coconut treats for our dogs and just wondered if there is any drawback in feeding them from the fridge; ie cold food for the dogs. I understood that feeding their dog food to them from the fridge was not a good idea. Cheers, Ranger

  33. […] be genetic, for sure, but I credit Walter’s clean teeth and stellar dental health to these coconut oil dog treats that I give him every night before bed. This seemed like a good time to remind you of the tutorial […]

  34. Kaitlyn says:

    How long would these last in the freezer? Thanks!

  35. Donna Phillips says:

    I have five dogs (2 of them 5 mo. old puppies) and I’m definitely gonna try it.

  36. Pamela Couch says:

    I think your idea is great. I use coconut oil on my hands and cuticles. But now with your idea I will do it for our 4 chiawawa. My girl friend uses it in her oatmeal every morning i haven’t trued that.thank you, Pam

  37. Amy B says:

    Hi! I have a chinese crested that has skin issues (itching), and I am going to start making the coconut bites. I was wondering if you knew about how long it may take to see some results.

  38. Julie says:

    I just keep a small jar with a screw-on lid (with one nail hole near the edge) filled with coconut oil. All summer it usually is in liquid state. I just shake it on my dogs food or just shake a TBLS in her dish anytime….she loves it. Hint, if you have a gas stove, with a pilot flame hidden underneath the store’s top surface? Just store the jar near that warm spot for a forever liquid jar. Or simply keep a small container close that you can fill with hot water…it only takes 30 seconds to liquefy enough for a dose.

  39. Beth says:

    Has anyone tried your coconut oil idea with an EPI dog? I was just wondering if it is okay to try it. Thank you. Beth

  40. Belva Smart says:

    Thanks for the tips about choosing a good coconut oil products. I notice there are definitely differences between sources. Sorry my resources page isn’t working for you. I’m not sure why, but occasionally it just doesn’t work at all for someone!

  41. […] cheeks! Little little bumps on my face that made me kind of paranoid about it. After reading this article, I finally understood why all these are happening. These detox breakouts are not the same as the […]

  42. i use coconut oil EVERY time i wash my hair. after towel drying my hair, i apply a small amount of coconut oil in the palm of my hand and work it thru my long, thick and very curly hair. i then twist my hair into a bun and sleep in it. in the morning, i pick my hair out and it is so soft and so much healthier and it helps control the frizz from having naturally curly hair. i LOVE coconut oil!!!

  43. I love the smell and feel of coconut oil on my skin. It works beautifully as a moisturizer. However, I spend a lot of time on our boat and spiders love marinas and coconut oil. I was like a spider magnet. So disappointing.

  44. I love the smell and feel of coconut oil on my skin. It works beautifully as a moisturizer. However, I spend a lot of time on our boat and spiders love marinas and coconut oil. I was like a spider magnet. So disappointing.

  45. Hoyt Hizer says:

    Have you tried this with cashew milk or coconut milk? Does it make it creamier? Or you just use the oil by itself?

  46. I searched acne and someone mentioned using apple cider vinegar as a toner, but I would really like to hear how that works before I try it. Also, if it makes me smell like vinegar all day. :0

  47. I think it may melt at higher temps. My house is cool right now, so I can’t say from experience. You could just refrigerate it at that point, though.

  48. Pablo Kepke says:

    […] endless possibilities when it comes to helping out your hair with coconut oil. From shampoo, to masks, to adding a pinch to tame a frizzy mane, coconut oil can be your new economically and […]

  49. What if you dont have a wire mixer?I tried this with a blender and it just reduced to liquid! Help!

  50. Great points, John. My husband and I were just talking about a similar issue the other day. Someone had posted on Facebook not to drink bottled water that had been sitting in your car, because the heat could leach toxic chemicals from the plastic into your water. My husband asked, “Do they know how hot this stuff gets during shipping?” I totally had to agree. I’ve even heard some recommend not ordering raw honey and similar products during the summertime because they’re likely to get so hot during shipment they might not actually be “raw” anymore by the time they get to you. It’s definitely something to consider.

  51. Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been looking for a recipe just like this.

  52. Thanks for that link, Samantha. I just tweeted it and want to credit you. What’s your twitter handle? The Green Derm is such a wonderful blog and resource of good info. YULI is a well-formulated line. My skin is appreciating it more and more. I’m still early stages of testing certain products that have been working for me better than some of the others, so I look forward to sharing my routine soon. Thanks for reading & commenting! 🙂LikeLike

  53. Elinor Holan says:

    I love oil cleansing with coconut oil and castor oil! My skin is pretty sensitive and I’ve found a non-soap approach really helps.

  54. Willie says:

    My puppies itch and scratch all the time.So I will be trying this today.
    It is a very good idea. I will post more later.

  55. Elizabeth,I have made whipped body butter just once. I am using it and I love it. My question is: I live in Michigan where the weather changes quite a bit. If it is warm out the butter melts. Put it in the fridge…I get that. How is it supposed to feel if the temp is “right”? If it is chilly my body butter has a slightly hard “outer shell”. How is it supposed to feel? Like regular bottled lotion? Did I need to whip it more? It has never looked quite as light and fluffy as the pictures. Thanks! Laura

  56. Torie Risso says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I might have to try my hand at making lotion.

  57. I tried this today and couldn’t get it to whip. I used Dr. Bronners coconut oil in a solid state and used my Kitchenaid mixer. Any idea why it wouldn’t have worked?

  58. Clint Linker says:

    Hi- I was wondering if you could substitute the sea salt with Epsom salt for the scrub? I made a scrub when I was pregnant the was olive oil, Epsom salt and sugar (2 pregnancies and no stretch marks ???? but this one sounds like it would be even better !!

  59. Wow!!! Thank you for all these ideas!! Just what I’ve been looking for

  60. The body butter looks like something my mom would use. I always knew there were a lot of uses for coconuts but when I see them listed like this it still blows my mind!

  61. Awesome–you know if your husband noticed, you’re doing something right! ????

  62. Deon Thome says:

    I am a die-hard coco-holic! I have not had any issues with it whatsoever, but I found this post still super informative.LikeLike

  63. Deon Thome says:

    […] Healing Cavities (A True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story … – When my husband found a huge cavity in his tooth, we discovered that oil pulling with coconut oil is effective in healing cavities–here’s how you can do it […]

  64. […] coconut oil as a base to make luscious, hyper-hydrating body butters. You can find some great ones here and […]

  65. I am from the Philippines. The reason why you will have a hard time finding cheap virgin coconut oil here is because a truly native Filipino does not go the grocery to buy it. We make it ourselves at home, more specifically our grandparents do it regularly. Guys from Manila may not be used to it. But, Manila is just one area of the Philippines and has probably the least number of coconut trees in the whole country since the place is mostly commercial areas. So, to get the authentic virgin coconut out from the source, try going out of the city to the provinces where all the trees and beaches and forest are at. We don’t buy and sell them. we make them fresh and naturally like we have been traditionally for generations at home.

  66. My dog also loves getting a teaspoon of coconut oil before bed! Lol I use it as a mouth rinse so I always have some in the bathroom.

  67. MeaghanofLach says:

    We’ve been doing this since we brought our Red ACD home at 4mon old (8 months ago now). He was returned to the shelter and was very anxious. We mixed in lavender and keep them frozen. He loves them!! We have plain ones, banana, and all make for a favorite treat in his Kong, or just for fun!

  68. Merrie Ann Rodarmel says:

    This is such a great idea; I just adopted a rescue from a shelter and his skin seems dry and he sneezes a lot. Gilly is a sweetheart and when I first met him he was scared of everything and everybody. I use coconut oil in my coffee every morning and he is always at my feet so I took some of the oil on my finger and he loved it. So I’m going to try your treat suggestion for him; so thanks for the great idea.

  69. Becky says:

    Do you feed refined coconut oil, or virgin coconut oil?

  70. Jody says:

    I make all the food and trats my one year old Daisy gets. I will make this as she has dry skin and does not like the spray I put on her. Also, she is not a happy traveler. She never made a peep at 2 months old and an 10 hour trip from Boston to home. Now dhe does not like being in the car. I love my girl.

  71. Angii says:

    Hi! I love the idea, just wondering how much/big should I give to my dogs? I have a 105lbs german sheperd and a 65lbs sinerian husky. Thanks!

  72. Kaitlin says:

    I am so excited to have my pups try these! Do you have a measurement for the essential oils or a ratio you recommend?

  73. Tina says:

    Doesn’t giving them oil loosen their bowels ? Should I start with just a little, gradually increasing the dose ? All my dogs are small, 3 under 10 lbs, 2 under 20 lbs.

  74. Andrea says:

    Great read! I was curious what measurements coconut oil/lavender or peppermint oil do you use?

  75. Anne marie says:

    Thanks for the information I have been looking for info on coconut oil for dogs….will definately try at the weekend.

  76. Laila says:

    Love this! I ended up using a silicone mold and froze the coconut oil in the molds. Its perfect portioning and my dog is so excited every night! Thanks for the great idea!

  77. […] Image found on […]

  78. Delia says:

    I don’t understand what the difference is between refined, unrefined & cold pressed & if there is a certain one that’s better or safer for your dog. Also should you use regular or extra virgin?

  79. Paula says:

    I put coconut oil on my dogs face because she has an open sore that gets crusty. (Long story) . This encourages my old dog to clean her face more thoroughly and helps keep the crust down.

  80. noeliamiranda says:


  81. Lindsay Beach says:

    I’m going to start doing this bc we just got an Akita/Husky and she’s seven. About 4 days ago a spot formed on her forehead and she started scratching, now she has a giant spot on her forehead along with spots on both her cheeks and her arms from scratching and rubbing her face. I found out she’s a carrier for mange. These treats should ease the discomfort and heal her faster. I’m taking her to the vet in a couple of days. I feel terrible but the coconut oil should help a lot. Thank you.

  82. Lindsey says:

    How much of the essential oil do you add to your treats? My dog has some anxiety and I think this could be helpful.

  83. Sheila says:

    I give my dogs coconut oil a couple times a week, but think I will give this a try. They do love it. I usually spread a gob on my big dogs paws so he can lick it off as he won’t just “take it”. But, my little guys will eat spoonfuls of it. LOL

  84. Katen says:

    Made these treats for my dog and he loves them. I am no longer buying treats in the store as he has a very sensitive stomach and these treats agree with him. So glad I came across this!

  85. Rayssa says:

    How much coconut oil do you put in the bag and how much of peppermint pure essential oil ?

  86. Cindy says:

    I learned last night that I need to keep my coconut oil in the living room instead of the kitchen! I only have two window a/c units and the kitchen stays too warm, I tried putting it in the fridge for just a few minutes to harden it slightly but then it was too cold and I had to warm it with my hands and ended up splitting the bag trying to squeeze it out. lol It was basically a comedy of errors but I was able to make about a dozen though they are not nearly as pretty as yours, and I added YL peppermint oil. She had one last night and one tonight and she really likes them. Hopefully I’ll work the kinks out and get better at making them. I found your page on pinterest by the way, thanks for the info!

  87. Hello Im Migdalia David, I was reading your block and looks really interesting, I recommend to all my clients coconut oil, for skin problems. Thanks for teach us really natural stuff for our pets. Thanks a lot.

  88. Anna says:

    so how do you get the coconut oil back in solid form if it’s gone liquid

  89. Thank you for sharing! We have 15 dogs. We have two with skin allergies. I use coconut oil organic refined in my kitchen
    In cooking for us! I going to give this to all our fur babies & put directly on them, too!

  90. Avis Roberts says:

    I am trying these coconut oil dollops for my French bulldog Honey Beau. Thanks so much for this column, very helpful. I will look for the (lavender) oil and see if it agrees with her. She does have bouts of anxiety.

  91. Patricia Zurek says:

    What a wonderful idea! I am new to the Young Living world and in trying to learn all I can about the oils. I have also just started using Coconut oil. How many drops of say the Lavender would you use to how much coconut oil? Thanks. PZ

  92. Sharon knutson says:

    Can this cause runny stools like giving laxatives?
    I love coconut oil myself so I think your got a winner.
    Thanks for the info.

  93. Sandy says:

    I love your idea with plastic baggie dollops, but how do you measure the amount? My dog, at 85 lbs, should have 2 tablespoons a day. I tried to make from my metal n plastic measuring spoons but couldn’t get coconut oil out onto wax paper for freezing.

  94. Shannon says:

    How much essential oil would you use?

  95. Christina shepherd says:

    Love your work so refreshing and inspiring.

  96. Pat says:

    Have to try this for my dogs

  97. Sherri says:

    Please send more recipes, these are awesome.

  98. Lee Ann says:

    Does/did your dog get diarrhea from that much at first? We have a pug and then a Welsh Corgi/Chihuahua mix. 2 dogs. The pug has allergies to food or treats with dyes in them. And the little one well eats about anything bit is on a regular diet, but is regulated daily. So we make our own homemade treats and add coconut oil to them. They love it and it helped with our pugs allergies. So I am interested in the coconut oil treats too.
    Thanks Lee Ann

  99. Dottie says:

    Love this ideal. Great job getting out to people with dogs and birds… God bless

  100. Dottie says:

    Love it.. God bless

  101. Dottie says:


  102. Julietta says:

    Can I add anything for itchy skin?

  103. Krystyna says:

    I just tried this with my pup. She ate up the dollop right away, and it took about a minute to harden. I hope to see the benefits of its long term use

  104. Juanita Martinez says:

    I’ve made coconut oil treats for my dogs, but I noticed my dogs pretty much just swallow the treat. Do your dogs actually chew on the coconut treats? I think they would need to to benefit the teeth.

  105. BrendaLea says:

    Thx I will give this a try. Anything for my baby girls. Java and Latte’ are very spoiled.

  106. Patricia Whitener says:

    Please read up on essential oils and make sure you are using the corect amount. Too much or the wrong kind can be lethal to pets!

  107. Lindsay says:

    My Newfoundland gets a daily dollop of coconut oil, I was using a silicon chocolate mould to create portion to refrigerate. But I was getting it EVERYWHERE, so I’ll try the bag trick next time 🙂

  108. Sandy Smith says:

    Sounds like a great to help the fur babies in my family.

  109. Melissa Spivey says:

    How many drops of EO per what amount coconut oil? I use YL oils too. thank you

  110. Sandy says:

    I mix coconut oil in my baby girl’ s food at dinner. She has allergies & sensitive skin so I thought I’d try it & it works great! She also doesn’t get a tummy ache as much, either. She loves it!

  111. Debbie Bush says:

    I have 4 fur babies, two were my moms when she was still with us. My two has had issues, so I am happy I found you on Pinterest. The Doxy will chew like the had off her legs and feet. My Shih Tzu has all kinds of allergies.

  112. Debbie Bush says:

    Correction Doxy will chew the hair off her legs and feet.

  113. Roxy Neustel says:

    HI There, Do you recommend any oils to mix with the coconut oil to lessen their reaction to allergies. Our Dog has recently been irritated with allergies.

  114. Grace says:

    I love it! I have seen so many so called “easy” dogs treats, that aren’t easy at all! I am definitely trying this!

  115. Smash says:

    Do you feed them 1 daily?

  116. Clara says:

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  117. E. Marits says:

    Going to give this a try… Understand…

  118. Cheryl Fortin says:

    My dog has a condition where his body produces kidney stones. He is on prescription diet urinary care food for this. About 3 years ago he had so many stones, he could not urinate. He had to have emergency surgery and because he had such a problem the Dr had to cut a new hole for him to urinate from. I just want to know if the coconut oil would help or hurt him? He hasn’t had any problems with that area since but I like the idea of the coconut oil for all the benefits you mentioned. The dogs don’t mind the taste of it just by itself? How about for cats? Do you know anything about benefits for them?

  119. stef says:

    This looks like a great idea. However, my dog has a sensitive tummy and I am concerned about these making him “loose” . Should I start with a smaller serving for him?

  120. Beverly says:

    I asked my vet about giving my dogs coconut oil. He told me that it causes fat build up in the arteries. My Sheltie, Maggie, has dry skin and hair. I thought that coconut oil would help. My Yorkie mix, Pebbles, just had her teeth cleaned. The vet had to extract 18 teeth, costing me $400.00. I have read to give a dog 1/4 tsp. for every ten pounds. Your recipe is only 1/2 tsp. once a day. What kind of dog do you have? Large or small?

  121. Ruth says:

    I find that coconut oil makes my dog to vomit. Does anyone else have that problem?

  122. Lauren says:

    Great article!
    Do you still brush your dogs teeth, while giving them the treats ?

    Thank you!

  123. Wanda says:

    Hi Dani,
    Love the idea. We give our Lab pup coconut oil everyday. He also gets very anxious on car rides and would like to begin adding some lavender oil to sooth him. How much lavender do I add, and is it safe for consumption?

  124. Joan says:

    Thank you. My dogs love coconut oil. I’m going to try the freezing tip

  125. Gayle says:

    I can’t wait to try this! We have an 8 mo. old Boxer. Maycee is our baby since our kids are now grown.
    My question is, do I only give her a half
    Teaspoon per day? Yours just looked bigger.

  126. Halli says:

    How much peppermint do you add??

  127. R. Bart says:

    I just use the mini ice trays and that is about works out perfect. I keep them in the fridge
    the dogs love them and they make great treats.

  128. Terrae' says:

    Thank you so much.I just started with the Cocunut oil yesterday.I have 2 Pitbulls and 3 Pommies..They love it already

  129. Suzanne says:

    I put coconut oil on their food daily. I will try this because they love ice and cold carrots!

  130. Tara Neumann says:

    Hi, My name is Tara and I am a Young Living Essential Oil user/Lover as well, and I have a quick question. My question is if I go to mix the coconut oil with say peppermint or the lavender? (Those are the only two I would feel comfortable starting off with, for my 3 babies). ???? How many drops should I mix with the coconut oil?

    Thank You,


    Tara Neumann

  131. LISA says:

    How much lavender oil to use ,I have a Great Dane and he weighs 170lb and he has yeast problems ,please help thank you

  132. chrissy higgins says:

    how much oil would you put in ?

  133. Gail says:

    Just a quick note,thank you so for the easy recipe.Jake ,Brady,and Layla loves them.

  134. Michelle says:

    Hello I have four dogs( pit mix) ages are 6,3,2 and 2 too, I wanted to start giving them coconut oil treats. What brand of coconut oil I need to buy and where at and how long put in freezer ,,, how much I need to give them a day? Or you give them one a night? And also do they eat it all and shallow it ? It makes me nervous to give them something oil ?! The sound of it I’m
    A worry wart! Let me know.thanks

  135. Rosie bryon says:

    Love this idea….what if my 6yr old has tarter…will it work….well im going to give it a try anyhow…ty. rosie

  136. Rosie bryon says:

    Sorry i sent you wrong website….

  137. Cynthia Kursave says:

    Is it safe to eat for humans? Sounds like would be good for us too.

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  139. […] "Incorporating enzyme-modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives, particularly as it works at relatively low concentrations. My Favorite Health & Beauty Tricks Using Coconut Oil. Thyme is Honey. […]

  140. Lisa says:

    I wonder how many drops of peppermint would be sufficient. Any ideas?

  141. Kathleen Stammen says:

    My papillon has lost about 6 teeth! I’m trying this!

  142. Kim Moody says:

    Does this help with flea prevention?

  143. Sandy says:


    My little one is 4 1/2 lbs. Should I still give her 1/2 t. Coconut oil?
    I love making her happy! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
    Help if you can.


    timer 10 min
    dish 16 servings


    2 cans stewed tomatoes (14.5 ounce each)

    ½ onion, minced

    1 tsp garlic, minced

    Juice of ½ lemon

    1 tsp salt

    ¼ cup green chilies, canned, sliced

    3 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped

    1. Put all the ingredients in a blender or a food processor.

    2. Blend to a proper consisten

  144. Beth says:

    What proportion do you use w essential oils?

  145. Thank you for a great tip and method of making the dog treats,

  146. Teresa says:

    Thank l am going to try this with my Peanut she is One year old and four month’s. To see if it well help her from her dry skin and help with her teeth. Thxs again l will let you no how it works. From Teresa and Peanut St Catharine’s Ontario.

  147. Andrea says:

    I made these and our pups love them! Thanks for the great idea!

  148. Gail Hafey says:

    Before I went to the trouble of making little frozen dollops, I offered some to my younger dog in her empty food bowl. I put about 1/2 tsp in the bowl and she licked it right up and the bowl for about a minute after. I tried to get my older dog interested by putting it on my finger and he wasn’t too excited about it. I decided to rub the rest on his teeth with my finger and on his dry nose as well, then the younger dog started licking his face and trying to lick inside his mouth! I would say she is a big fan. I get the big jars (2.48 lbs)of Kirkland brand organic virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil at Costco in the US. I use it everyday for cooking and on my skin. It’s very soothing for chapped skin.

  149. Kate says:

    Hej Dani, our new puppy is coming in three weeks and I’ve been reading some of your doggy posts having recently invested in The Daily Page (I LOVE IT). I’m also in Copenhagen by the way 🙂 Our puppy will be eight weeks when he arrives and is a coton de tuelar, so he’ll be very wee. Are these treats OK from such a young age, and also, is half a tsp OK for when he’s so small – or less? Tak for hjælpen! x

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