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New organizational notepad from Thyme is Honey! This notepad helps you prioritize your daily to-dos while also planning your meals and tracking hydration!

Say hello to the latest addition to my Etsy Shop, the Today is Mine notepad! In honor of  nearly 5 years of selling organizational notepads, I decided it was time to introduce a new design. Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a smaller notepad, so this is it! The Today is Mine notepad measures 5.5″ wide by 8.5″ high, but has 100 high-quality pages, so it is twice as thick as my Daily Page notepad!

My inspiration for this notepad came from my busiest days. When my list is long and can only include the most important tasks, I find myself abandoning my more advanced planner, the Daily Page notepad, and simply writing out a schedule for the day, segmented by 3 main meals. I take 20-30 minutes breaks for meals to walk the dog and whip up a meal, so I like to use those breaks as motivation to check off all items in that section.  I’ve also included a hydration tracker at the top of the page and a box at the bottom for entering your fitness goals for the day. That might be an hour at the gym, getting 10,000 fitbit steps, or taking a couple 10-minute breaks for a stroll around the office. The Today is Mine notepad encourages you to schedule a highly-prioritized day, and the simple design keeps you focused on the task at hand.

It is available in a Single Pack ($13) or 2-Pack ($23) or as a Digital Download ($15) that prints two copies per page. You can also grab a Combo Pack ($23) that includes 1 Today is Mine notepad (100 pages) and one Daily Page notepad (50 pages).  Get 10% off your order through July 1 with code JUNE2015!



New Organizational Notepad!

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