Sriracha-lada: A twist of the classic Michelada, this version is spicy and perfect for summer!

You may have noticed, we are really into sriracha sauce. We even have a sriracha cookbook (or two). So when I was thinking of summer cocktails, of course the spicy concoction was top of mind. The Michelada is a classic Mexican drink, often thought to be a good remedy for a hangover (kind of like a Bloody Mary!). There are a variety of ways to add spice to the drink and sriracha is such an easy and approachable way to do it. Try these out for your next BBQ! Memorial Day anyone? Your guests will thank you.

A note: This recipe is made for sriracha lovers. It calls for two teaspoons of sriracha and it makes a quite spicy drink, so if you’re serving them to people with a lower tolerance for spice, consider reducing the amount.

Makes one

1 oz. fresh lime juice
2 tsp. sriracha
1/2 tsp. Worchestershire sauce
Mexican beer, such as Dos Equis
kosher salt, to rim the glasses
lime wheels for garnish

Rub a little water or lime juice on the edges of a pint glass, then turn upside down into a plate of kosher salt for a salt rim. Then carefully add the lime juice, sriracha and Worchestershire. Stir together, then add the Mexican beer. Top with a lime wheel and enjoy! (Note: the sriracha will settle, so make sure you drink these quickly or provide guests with stir sticks or straws!)

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