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Imbibe Skincare: Epoch Fragrant Libation and a mineral scalp treatment to remineralize and balance a troubled scalp. Meet Imbibe Skincare! Isn’t it lovely? I love their gender-neutral packaging, brown glass jars, and—more than anything—-the pure and natural ingredients inside. Imbibe was founded by Alicia Overton and Audrey Smith, two nature loving gals with a knack for mixing up empowering natural products that look beautiful and also have an attractive price tag. I recently got to try out some of their products, and I’m sharing two of my favorites with you today.

Imbibe Skincare: Epoch Fragrant Libation and a mineral scalp treatment to remineralize and balance a troubled scalp. I’m crazy for scents, so while browsing their site I went straight to their Fragrant Libations page. Because I prefer floral scents, I went with their Epoch Fragrant Libation which blends the aromas of Egyptian sandalwood and desert rose with a pinch of clove bud and cinnamon. The scent is perfect for me. It’s rare that I connect so quickly and strongly to a scent. But Epoch and I were fast friends. The scent is light and summery. Floral, but that touch of cinnamon adds a delightful layer of complexity. It lingers just long enough to leave you wanting more. I love the roll-on application, and know it will be great for the numerous trips I have coming up this summer. If I could I’d keep one in my purse and desk drawer at all times! Can I request a scented candle?

Imbibe Skincare: Epoch Fragrant Libation and a mineral scalp treatment to remineralize and balance a troubled scalp. The next product I wanted to share with you is the Pearl Essence Cleansing Mineral Treatment. I’ve long been a massive fan of powder cleansers, and this one is great, but I really love that it has multiple uses, such a mineral scalp treatment! For someone who’s been in the beauty product testing game for  almost 8 years, it’s rare to have a “first”, but this is the first mineral scalp treatment that I’ve tried and I know it’s just a matter of time until everyone is singing it’s powers and praises.

As a dark brunette it’s important for me to maintain a healthy scalp. If I don’t, the results can be pretty unflattering. I can’t stand how dandruff shampoos tend to make hair feel chalky and impossible to brush. And don’t get me started on the chemicals contained in most conventional treatments. I thought involving a white powder in this routine seemed ironic, but the entire experience was wonderful.

To use the Pearl Essence as a scalp treatment you simply stir 1-2 tsp of the power into your favorite shampoo. I’d suggest keeping the process clean by using your favorite all-natural, sulphate-free shampoo. I paired the Pearl Essence with my Rahua Shampoo, got my entire head wet, massaged the treatment into my scalp, and left it on for 10 minutes. The Pearl Essence has metabolic components that dissolve waste matter and stimulate new cell growth without leaving any soapy residue. It also helps remineralize, balance and soothe. Perfect combination for a  scalp that can be a bit moody. I’ve been doing the treatment once per week and have definitely noticed an improvement in the overall health of my scalp. Bonus: I’ve also found the Pearl Essence to be a brilliant full-body exfoliator before a spray tan. 

So, there it is. Two products that get the Thyme is Honey stamp of approval! Interested in trying something out? Imbibe is offering 15% off with code thymeishoney so go pick something out! Drop me a Tweet if you have questions, I’m off to sniff EPOCH.


Brand Crush: Imbibe Skincare

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