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Color Study : Muted Glow from Thyme is Honey

Pinterest is a beautiful waste of time and even though I love browsing it for style or decor ideas I have long found it to be a great place for color and pattern inspiration. I’ve recently started a Color Studies pinboard, and this post is inspired by the images there. I think I’ll have a lot of fun sharing this type of inspiration.

The Colors:

Creamed Peaches: #fddcc7, R 253, G 220, B 199.peach
Muted Mauve: #f2d9d0, R 242, G 217, B 208.
Dusted Lavender: #e3dcea, R 227, G 220, B 234.
Morning Haze: #d2e5e6, R 210, G 229, B 230.

Images sources: Mountains | Leaves | Succulents | Eggs | Paint | Colored Powder


Color Study : Muted Glow

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