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Obsessed with La Croix water? Me, too. Which is why I love this Campari and Passionfruit LaCroix Sparkling Cocktail (+ it's low-calorie and low-carb).

Are you about as obsessed with LaCroix sparkling water as I am? Yeah? Good. I hadn’t tried it until about a month ago. My friend Katie shared this New York Times article and I immediately went out and bought some. As someone who doesn’t drink soda and avoids artificial sweeteners I had always assumed that flavored water had some yuck in it. But, it turns out, La Croix is just plain goodness and it tastes incredible. Zero calories. Zero sodium. Zero sweeteners. This slogan made me really curious about how in the world they flavor this water! They recently unveiled the secret on Instagram: they use the fruit’s natural essences and oils to flavor the water!

It makes a great hydrator during the day, and is a flavorful way to get in your ounces. But, I was curious whether or not the bubbly H20 could also be used as a low-calorie, low-carb mixer for cocktails? Using water as a mixer is a trick I’ve been doing for years in order to have a good time while still hydrating and not loading up on empty calories or sugar (try kinky vodka + water), so I was really excited to give it a try.

The La Croix water will hydrate as you drink and the Campari keeps the cocktails light. We all have those nights when going out with friends is tempting, but the hangover might not be all that appealing. Make these at home or when you go out to the bar, order a soda water with a splash of Campari and twist of citrus fruit (but perhaps someday bars will stock La Croix?).

The drink is a bit bitter from the Campari and sweet from the splash of orange. I’ll be honest, the Campari is an acquired taste, but if you are sure to stir this cocktail well, the bitterness will settle and your drink will be fruity like grapefruit. Try it and report back!

Campari + LaCroix Cocktail

1 oz. Campari
1 oz. freshly squeezed orange juice
LaCroix Passionfruit (other flavors would work just as well)
lemon wedges

Fill cocktail glasses with ice. Pour 1 oz. campari and 1 oz. orange juice in each glass, then top with LaCroix sparkling water. Stir about 20 times (this helps to melt the ice and take the edge off the bitterness of the campari). Garnish with lemon wedges.

Campari and LaCroix Cocktail

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