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Organize your entire day on one page: fitness, meal planning, to-dos, scheduling, hydration, goals and more!Thank you to everyone who offered feedback on my updated design for The Daily Page—-I love looking back over the past designs to see how this product has evolved over the past 3 years. You might notice that there is a much bigger area for fitness. I hope this gives those who do more complex workout routines the space required to record it. For those who don’t stick to a regular exercise regimen, this is a good place to write your goals or even the simple steps you took that day to live a healthier life. Walking the dog or taking the stairs, for example.

I have removed the “don’t forget” box that was at the top of the old design, which  allowed room for a sizeable “Notes + Ideas” section. During the #21PageChallenge I noticed that some participants were using the notes section to write a motivational quote, devotion, or just to  jot down ideas or concepts. I hope this section will provide a space to capture your creativity.

The graphic of pills/supplements that were in the previous design have also been replaced b y 3 circles near the water glasses. My hope is that the more generic tracker might work for more people. Not everyone takes pills or supplements, so I hope this allows people to use this section in a variety of ways. You can still use it to track medications or vitamins, or new habits you want to develop. Sometimes I color code or write initials within each circle to help me identify what it is tracking.

In this updated design I have also removed the cleaning section. I realized that others (and myself) were often writing their cleaning tasks on their to-do list but then again under cleaning. After a group poll I decided that it made sense to remove this redundancy, and I think after trying it out you will agree that this makes for a more streamlined experience.

I’m also totally nerding out over these new Stabilo Pens ($18.40) I got. They pair perfectly with the notepad…just sayin’.

Wanna test out the new design? Get 15% off your order with code NEWDESIGN15 at checkout until April 1, 2015.  The notepad is available in the following options:

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Daily Page Notepad — Updated!

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Velkommen! I'm Dani, a small-town Minnesota gal living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I like productivity, hydration, and my dog. What about you?

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