These wraps have a botanical blend of ingredients that help instantly tighten and tone your skin. Once absorbed, the ingredients also help your cells release built up toxins and waste---leading to lifted, smooth, defined skin.

It was about one year ago when I finally gave in to my “super annoying friend” and tried one of those body wraps. Do you remember that story? I had been rolling my eyes at her for months. As someone who had totally transformed their life and taken control of their health I couldn’t help but be annoyed by the notion that wrapping something around my waist for an hour would make any sort of difference.

But as soon as I got over myself and let her explain how and why the wraps worked, it all made sense. They aren’t a get thin quick scheme. And they aren’t necessarily meant to help you loose weight or drop inches (although some people do). And they certainly aren’t a water loss wrap. The wraps helps tone, tighten, and firm your skin and sometimes that makes all the difference. Even people who are in amazing shape can benefit from skin that is healthier and tighter and the wraps are a product that is meant to enhance a lifestyle that is already healthy.

I shared my personal results last year, and recently I talked my friend (and mom of two adorable kids) into letting me wrap her and document the results. She was so happy after one wrap that she bought four more. She loved how just one wrap reduced her love-handles and lifted the skin around her belly button. You know what else? I talked my own mom (a mom of 5!) into trying a wrap…..and she didn’t buy 4 more. She bought 16 (<—- lol).

Okay, so why am I going on about this? Because it works and there’s really no number of photos I can show you to make you believe it! Ya gotta try it yourself! So, I’m hosting a giveaway for some spring holiday essentials—-one body wrap and a bottle of Defining Gel (a product that I seriously couldn’t live without).

If you’re curious about the products and have any questions about how they work or the ordering process please drop me an email ( You can order a set of 4 wraps right here, they cost $99 retail or $59 if you sign up for the loyal customer program. Learn more about the loyal customer program here.

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The giveaway will end on Monday, March 2 and I’ll contact the winner via email! Good luck!

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