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ItWorksLoyalCustomerProgramItWorks products can be purchased at retail price. Retail price is just like shopping on any other website—–put the item in your cart, pay for it, and it will arrive in a couple of days. The distributor you purchased through may contact you to see how you like the products or if you have any questions (I try to fire you an email just to check in) but other than that there are no commitments.

If you want to get a hefty discount on the products the other option is to join the Loyal Customer Program. I know that these can sometimes leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, so I wanted to put together a quick post that explains how it works and why it’s a great deal. Here are some of the price comparisons: Wraps: $99 retail, $59 for loyals. Defining Gel: $75, $45 for loyals. Greens: $55, $33 for loyals.  Big savings, right? I encourage everyone to sign up for this program, here’s how it works:

The Loyal Customer program has a $50 membership fee and you have two options:

Option 1. Join and pay the $50 membership fee. This makes you a loyal customer. You get access to the discounted prices and can place orders as frequently as you want with no commitments and no minimum order requirements.

Option 2. You can join and not pay the $50 membership fee up front. In lieu of the $50 membership fee they instead require that you receive 3 auto-shipments. When you sign up it will automatically create your auto-shipment for the following month. It will be set up to ship the same products, on the same date, using the same credit card. However, you can easily edit your order to include different items, new items or just one item. You can also change the date. So, say you place an order on February 5th, and your 2nd Auto-shipment is set to ship on March 5th. If you have plenty of the product and don’t need that order on March 5th, you could change the shipment date to March 25th instead, if that works best for you.

The catch with Option 2 is that if you cancel in the first 3 months or fail to fulfill 3 monthly auto-shipments you will be charged the $50 membership fee. But once your 3 month commitment is up you are free to turn the auto-ship on/off as you please or cancel your account with no fee.

I think that should sum it up, but there are other perks for Loyal Customers as well, such as free shipping (on all orders after your 3 month commitment is done), earning Perk Points (1 point for every $10 spent) and getting free products or points if you have a friend sign up!

Further questions about how this works? Or are you a customer of mine who wants to customize your auto-shipment or change your shipment date? Drop me an email any time:

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ItWorks Loyal Customer Program

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