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End the year organized with my group course...


FA LA LA - Happy Holidays from Thyme is Honey

I created this image¬†using my DSLR and a really slow shutter speed (6 seconds). I pointed at our Christmas tree, clicked and then waved the camera around like crazy (up and down and in circles) until the shutter clicked. You can get some really cool shots doing this and it’s also fun with colored lights. Experiment and have fun.

Also, happy holidays everyone! When I hear “fa la la la la,” all I can think about is the Griswold family- you know, when they (and by they, I mean Clark and Ellen) sing Christmas carols in the car on the way to cut down a tree with no axe. Yeah, we watch that every year. What holiday movies do you love? Whatever you celebrate, I hope you are surrounded by family as awesome as the Griswolds. -Jaimie



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